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    Saturday, March 25, 2017

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    Consulting Corner

    Trendsetters in digital learning

    The digital era has long arrived, and is taking the world by storm. Why? Because it’s accessible and fast.

    Thought of the Week

    Are Millennials truly the ‘worst’ generation?

    “They feel so entitled; always complaining but never realising that rewards come at a price. They are always whining about situations but not making an effort to do something about it.”

    How To

    3 Ways to develop a caring culture at work

    Findings consistently show that a leader’s ability to empathise is positively correlated with subordinate job performance. Paternalistic behaviours are particularly powerful in promoting support and security that lead to higher job performance, especially in high-power distance cultures (such as Malaysia.

    Be A Leader

    Are you an empathic leader?

    A few weeks ago, I met up with an old classmate. I asked him how his new job was going. He had left a big multinational organisation to join a progressive government entity and he was hoping to make a big difference to the nation.

    Building tomorrow's leaders

    How HRDF upskills, reskills and multi-skills the Malaysian workforce to achieve developed economy status by 2020

    Career Advice

    Taking calculated risks

    “Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.” – George S. Patton from Letter to Cadet George S. Patton IV, June 6, 1944

    It's all about listening

    Does anyone recall the Aesop’s fable, The Fox and The Stork? The fox invites the stork over for dinner but serves their soup in a dish the fox can easily lap up the soup from; however, the stork’s long beak makes it impossible to drink from. In retaliation, the stork then invites the fox over for a meal served in a long, narrow-necked bottle. The fox’s snout, of course, could not reach the food but it was simple for the stork to eat from.

    Career & Industry

    10 HRDF Financial schemes for Malaysian employers

    HRDF offers initiatives such as online distance learning; development programmes; coaching; mentoring and mobile learning applications for employees.

    4 Awesome HRDF initiatives you probably didn’t know exist

    1 1Malaysia Outplacement Centre (1MOUC) – 1MOUC acts as a one-stop hub to assist retrenched local workers enhance their employability through designated training programmes and career counselling by professionals. To faciliatate this, a newly-launched mobile application allows users to locate jobs based on their qualification, interest and location and apply for it on the go. The 1moutplacement app can be downloaded from Play Store or the App Store

    Brain Bulletin

    Making a difference through compassion

    How we can all train up our brain’s innate power to empathise