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    Saturday, February 25, 2017

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    Be A Leader

    Moulding kids into future leaders

    It’s not often my heart sinks when reading news articles about the stresses and strains placed on students by their education systems.

    Crucibles of leadership

    American scholar Warren Bennis and communications professor Robert Thomas are perhaps best known for their pioneering work in contemporary leadership studies, in which they sought to answer the age-old question: what makes for an effective leader?

    5 Essential skills for effective leadership

    1. Engage others in shared meaning 

    Leaders should learn to mobilise their employees not to blindly follow them by virtue of their title, but because they’re able to see (and buy into) a clear vision set out in front of them that resonates with their core values and beliefs.

    The science of building leaders

    In 2001, I took on a new assignment at the organisation I was working in at that point – General Electric (GE). Part of the assignment with GE Crotonville, GE’s leadership development centre, was to revamp our leadership curriculum as a new chief executive officer (CEO) had recently taken over. I was excited about this new task as it required meeting leaders all over the world and trying to understand what leadership really was.

    Career Advice

    What’s your life goal? Success or significance?

    In my 40s, I was unhappy with my career and where it was heading.

    Unleashing your potential as a new manager

    Scenario: What you’ve been longing for finally came to pass. Your boss announces your promotion. You are elated, overjoyed and feel like you’re on top of the world.

    Staying relevant should mean more than a few years

    After work on a Friday, I used to stop by Blockbuster and rent movies to watch later in the evening on our Sony TV while eating pizza. Inevitably while in Blockbuster, I would call my wife from my Motorola StarTac flip-phone and ask her thoughts on what movies to rent.

    7 Ways to deal with the lies leaders tell themselves

    When you screw up, someone didn’t follow through. When others screw up, they procrastinated.

    Consulting Corner

    What’s love got to do with business?

    Leading a high-growth, venture-backed startup in San Francisco’s SoMa (South of Market) district for the past two years is an experience that has rocked my world. It has reminded me of everything I knew to be true about business, yet that I had somehow lost during my tenure in the enterprise world.