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    Saturday, January 21, 2017

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    Be A Leader

    Tapping into the power of mentorship

    Variously attributed to the Buddha, the Tao Te Ching and other sources of philosophical wisdom, this statement carries a resonant truth despites its unverified provenance. For one thing, it’s an apt starting point for contemplating the subject of mentorship.

    The Yin and Yang of coaching and mentoring

    In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces can be complementary, interconnected and interdependent. This is especially evident in certain relationships, such as those between a mentor and his or her protégé. Whether it’s Yoda taking on Luke Skywalker to bring out the Force, or a kung fu master accepting a disciple, a positive complementarity is involved and at play in mentoring.

    Reverse mentoring – the next big thing?

    TRADITIONALLY, mentoring is when a seasoned person meets with a younger or new team member to educate him or her in areas where the veteran has more solid experience. In recent years, however, spurred by the rapid advancement of technology, an alternative version of mentoring has gained prominence and is commonly referred to as reverse mentoring.

    A Day in the Life

    Leadership lessons from silicon valley

    Most silicon valley titans are familiar figures. They make commencement speeches that rack up millions of views on YouTube, get profiled by business websites, and have irreverent movies made about their lives.

    Career Advice

    The challenge of women’s access to mentorship

    “If I hadn’t had mentors, I wouldn’t be here today. I’m a product of great mentoring, great coaching. . . Coaches or mentors are very important. They could be anyone – your husband, other family members, or your boss.”—Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo

    A Day in the Life

    He never gave his last lecture

    To millions of beloved readers, Jeff Zaslow was the advice columnist who replaced Ann Landers (pen name created for columnist, Ruth Crowley) and the bestselling author who captured our hearts with moving books like The Last Lecture with Randy Pausch. But, to me and countless other writers, Zaslow was a devoted mentor who gave countless hours of his time and energy to help aspiring authors.