Scaling The Ladder

Youíve been promoted Ö what next?

Youíve slaved at work for a long time and now you have finally been recognised for your efforts.

You get promoted to that position that you have been dreaming of.

Your first few steps are very crucial, almost the same as first impressions. So, here is a guide to moving to the next level:

With great power comes greater responsibility

Sit down with your immediate boss and discuss with him (or her) the work that you will be doing i.e. what are the expectations, rules and regulations, KPIs (Key Performance Index) and KRAs (Key Result Areas) and so on.

Try to understand the vision, mission and objectives of the company. Ask for areas of concern, if any. If itís a new job altogether, clarify the functions and responsibilities of your position.

Say ďHello, how do you do?Ē

Why? Itís about being courteous. Introduce yourself to your team members, speak clearly and smile, especially if they have never met you before. If you already know them, introduce yourself anyway; they might need a reminder, or two.

Keep the rapport up with short chats during work or invite them out for lunch or tea, or simply organise informal meetings. Just remember to keep it short and sweet so as not to be intrusive or take up too much of their time.

Find out and understand team members' functions and responsibilities

Before you lay out those ground rules that you thought of on your way to work, take time to learn each and every colleagueís roles and functions, not to mention their names. A good way to do it is to enquire without judging the outcome.

Establish a good relationship with your teammates; advise if and when necessary. Be careful while doing this as forced changes without good reason might jeopardise your relationship with them and ultimately the working environment in the office.

Beware of the green-eyed monsters

You know you werenít the only one who worked hard to get to where you are right now. There were others who might also have wanted that promotion. Instead of ignoring them, treat them the same way you would treat any other colleague. Itís not your fault that they didnít get the promotion, so donít be apologetic; be professional and move on.

Learn from the experienced

Getting promoted does not mean that you no longer need to learn. It doesnít make you superior to others, either. There are more challenges ahead and more things for you to learn. Learn from your seniors and those who are more experienced.