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Career Q&A: Find your passion!

ďHelp! I am stuck!Ē How to find your passion

Dear Life Coach,

I am stuck. With no direction or passion, I have been working at the same accounts department for about six years now. I am envious of my friends who have careers they love, and especially those who have ventured into businesses based on their passions. I am already in my late 30s and I still donít know if I like what Iím doing. I donít want to live a mediocre life just doing whatever is thrown at me. How do I find passion in whatever I do?

Miss Stuck

Dear Miss Stuck,

Many of us, after reaching a certain threshold in our career, tend to reflect on where we have been and become contemplative about where we are heading. Donít worry, it is not a mid-life crisis but merely you being more aware of what you are doing. This is a powerful moment for you to seize and recreate yourself, if need be. To find your passion in your work or to work on your passion, spare some time to do the following:

1) Get introspective

a. Calm your thoughts and emotions. Look deep within yourself. Remember an activity or task you did at work that excited you and gave you fulfilment. b. Find out the possibilities of making that task a permanent feature in your job.

2) Volunteer for tasks or activities which are new to you.

a. You never know whether you are good at something or not until you try it. You may even be surprised at how much you enjoy doing something you have never done before.

3) Meet up and socialise or network with friends and colleagues from different backgrounds.

a. There are jobs or activities out there that you may not even know existed. b. Offer yourself to assist in the activity if it raises your curiosity. c. Always push yourself to experience your limits as our limitations are only set by ourselves.

Zarina Zainal

Vice-president Ė MABIC (Malaysia Association of Brand & Image Consultants, resident life coach Ė Capital 89.9

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