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Career Q&A: Getting along with a new boss

Dear AskTheExpert,

Iím currently working in a position that was very enjoyable in the beginning, but now I do not enjoy the job as before as I am now working with a new manager. What should I do?


Dear Disillusioned,

Liking a job has many aspects. In management terms, this can be categorized as part of job satisfaction.

Take a look at the situation from both angles.

1) From your own perspective.

For an individual to get used to another person, it takes time. The situation would be more delicate when he or she is your superior because most of your interactions in the initial stages would only be work related.

Try to recall each encounter in the past where you have worked with a new boss. How long did it take to get acquainted and comfortable with that person? The same principle applies here.

One crucial thing you must not get yourself into is being susceptible to the negative influence of others who may have said lots of things about the new boss. That could have "framed" your subconscious mind. Give each other time to understand your individual work styles and try to accommodate his/her style.

In the worst-case scenario, you may feel that looking for a new job may be the way out, but the situation of getting adjusted with a new boss will repeat itself. Itís the same everywhere. You need to adjust and make the best of the situation.

2) From the boss' perspective.

Do you know that the new boss is under even more pressure than you are? He/she needs to show results and at the same time get the cooperation of the team. It is the adjustment phase that all new bosses go through and someday you may be in a similar position and then you will understand his reactions to certain things you do now. Both parties need to interact to get work done. This is only in the initial stages. With more interactions with the staff and more opportunities to communicate, you would be able to break through the barriers.

So meanwhile, just take it easy and make the best of the situation.

Coach Ken Woo Corporate Consultant Advisor Certified AWBT ((AWBT - Australian Wide Business Training

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