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Malaysia's 100 leading graduate employers awards 2012

Taking place for the fifth consecutive year, the Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers survey is the most popular graduate employers’ survey in the country as voted by students and fresh graduates in the Trendence Graduate Barometer – Malaysian Edition. This survey is a collaboration between Trendence and Group GTI. Trendence is Europe’s largest employer branding research institute and is part of Group GTI.

This survey, conducted on a large-scale, strives to shed light on the latest graduate recruitment trends. It enables employers to gauge what undergraduates and fresh graduates expect from a job. This information can then be used by employers to fine-tune their talent acquisition efforts on Malaysian campuses.

The survey conducted in 2012 secured the participation of over 12,000 Malaysian students and fresh graduates. This comprised mostly of students studying locally and also students studying abroad. The survey took about 20 minutes to half an hour to complete.

Sections covered in this survey included work expectations, working environment, remuneration and benefits, in order to gauge what the current generation of young employees seek. By understanding this, employers are able to develop methods to attract young talents and decrease the high turnover rate among employees.

In the latest survey conducted in 2012, PwC emerged as the overall winner, followed by Ernst & Young and Maybank.

1st Place Winner: PwC Understands Gen Y

PwC is proud to have leaders who understand teh current generation of employees and are passionate about engaging them. PwC is proud to have leaders who understand teh current generation of employees and are passionate about engaging them.

Emerging overall champion in Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers survey for the third time this year is no easy feat for any organisation, especially when it is pitted amongst a list of top notch international MNCs and local giant companies. Nevertheless, undeterred by all these obstacles, PwC has proven its worth by bagging this title as well as being the winner for the accounting and professional services sector of this survey for the fourth time. PwC attributes its win to the fact that it understands Gen Y employees.

PwC is proud to have leaders who understand the current generation of employees and are passionate about engaging them. Business leaders take an interest in getting to know the Gen Y and have taken it upon themselves to engage with potential recruits at various university and college campuses. Effort is also made to meet with their very own Gen Y employees to grasp and understand their needs and desires. The social media platform is tapped to the fullest by this organisation to reach out to the Gen Y as this is the platform which they have grown up with.

As a fresh recruit at PwC, you are in for an ocean of knowledge and experience as you are entering an establishment that is rich in its clientele and people with diverse backgrounds and experience. This organisation, which hires between 200 and 300 fresh graduates a year, offers valuable lessons on career development and you get the fantastic opportunity to experience an array of PwC network from the start. If you are diligent and yearn to succeed, then the vast opportunities in this establishment will enable you to develop through much exposure and continuous learning. Here, the opportunity for career advancement and recognition is endless if you are proven worthy. The organisation recognises its potential employees and strives to support its talents in sharpening their skills, climbing the career ladder and achieving overall success on the job front.

What drives PwC is the aim to make a difference at the end of the day. True, generating revenue is important but a significant amount of time and money is put into initiatives that make a difference to the community. PwC leaders take the time to actively mentor Gen Y student groups and collaborate with them on various activities. Corporate Responsibility initiatives are given a huge emphasis as it is a passion at PwC Malaysia. An array of pro bono work has been done for organisations such as Mercy Malaysia and Teach for Malaysia, as well as for underprivileged children.

The aim of wanting to make a difference and the dedication put towards it has made most of PwC’s endeavours a huge success.

Employing more than 180,000 people across 158 countries around the world, PwC is the world’s largest professional services organisation. Globally, it audits 84% of the Fortune 500 Group and has an extensive revenue base.

Having been an integral part in the growth and progress of Malaysia since 1900, PwC Malaysia works with global companies and grows businesses, public sector entities and local companies, providing industry-focused assurance, and tax and advisory services with the aim to be consistent in its services.

PwC starts by asking questions to get to know you and your business, and then goes on to work with you to identify the goals critical to your corporate strategy.

So whether you’re looking to build trust, understand the Gen Y in your workforce better, or do something new with your business, PwC understands exactly what you need.

PwC conducted a survey on what Malaysian GenYs want from work. You can download the publication from the PwC Malaysia website :

2nd Place Winner: Ernst & Young - Achieving potential, making a difference

Fresh graduates who start a career at Ernst & Young can expect to move into a senior position within two years, if their performance record meets with the high expectations of the firm Fresh graduates who start a career at Ernst & Young can expect to move into a senior position within two years, if their performance record meets with the high expectations of the firm

Ernst & Young is an organisation that takes pride in its leading people culture which celebrates integrity, embraces diversity and rewards quality. It upholds its people values of integrity, respect and collaboration, and ensures that its employees are provided opportunities to achieve their full potential on the professional and personal fronts.

This organisation has added yet another feather to its prestigious hat, recently by emerging the first runner-up in the 2012 Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers survey.

This esteemed establishment is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. The organisation has 167,000 people worldwide who are united by its shared values and a firm commitment to quality. This organisation strives to make a difference to its people, clients and community by helping them achieve their aspirations and potential.

Ernst & Young attributes its success at the M100 awards to the fact that it encourages its people to be themselves and helps them tap their full potential, both professionally and personally. It does not just recruit the best talent, but also facilitates continuous learning and development opportunities that enable its employees to widen their horizons and grow in their careers.

Ernst & Young believes in engaging with young, aspiring professionals, sharing with them how it functions as well as providing them the knowledge and skills to succeed in this profession. Career fairs, career talks, visits to institutes of higher learning, active support of student activities and Ernst & Young’s career page on Facebook are some of the channels leveraged to engage with students and graduates.

Fresh graduates who start a career at Ernst & Young can expect to move into a senior role within two years, if their performance record meets with the high expectations of the firm. In their new positions, they can look forward to exciting tasks and opportunities especially those that require leadership skills. These include leading teams, managing staff, planning and coordinating projects, as well as working closely with clients and producing effective solutions that are in line with the clients’ needs and requirements.

All these provide valuable opportunities for young professionals to shoulder key responsibilities in the early stages of their career, and offer them the chance to enhance their skills in communication, people management and project management.

In line with its commitment to develop its people, Ernst & Young has invested substantially in a structured career development framework of its own called EYU (“Ernst & Young and You”). This specially-designed programme provides holistic personal and professional development through classroom learning, actual experiences and coaching.

Ernst & Young leaders also play an active role in mentoring and coaching its people towards taking ownership of their own career development.

Each year, Ernst & Young hires more than 400 graduates and offers internships to undergraduates, with the emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

It looks for people with a balance of academic excellence and active involvement in sports, clubs, societies and community work. Good interpersonal and communication skills, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn and work hard are some of the other qualities looked for in applicants.

Beyond excellence in the workplace, Ernst & Young also encourages its people to make a difference in their communities through its corporate social responsibility programmes that focus on education, entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability.

At Ernst & Young, one is never short of opportunities for development and achieving potential, be it in the career or the personal and social fronts.

3rd Place Winner: Maybank - Success through dedication

Maybank is the first financial institution in Malaysia to introduce a unique region-wide international business case competition. Maybank is the first financial institution in Malaysia to introduce a unique region-wide international business case competition.

From a humble beginning in 1960, Maybank is ubiquitous throughout the nation as the largest banking and financial group in Malaysia as well as making its mark as a growing regional financial services provider. In the recent Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers survey, this eminent bank nailed the third placing in the overall winner section and was winner for the banking and financial services sector. This is indeed a fantastic achievement for a local establishment which had to compete with world renowned, international organisations.

Maybank owes this honour to its ongoing transformation initiatives it embarked on since 2008, that are seeing success and gaining traction each year for the group to build truly competitive differentiators in preparation for its ultimate goal to be a regional financial services leader by 2015. The group has undergone a significant change in the way it handles its businesses, staff and engagements with the various stakeholders. This involved executing initiatives in its mission to humanising financial services by, amongst others, improving efficiency in customer service, a refresh on the corporate brand supported by branch transformation and an enhancement in people initiatives to drive towards a high performance culture. These approaches have resulted in stronger successes in its financial performance. It has also created higher levels of employee engagement and a respectful yet performance–oriented workplace climate which nurtures its employees for growth, embracing diversity and encouraging inclusiveness.

Besides this, Maybank has also taken on a revolutionary approach in recruitment where talents with diversified skills aside from academic excellence were employed. An array of tactical ways were adopted to its recruitment process that comprised engaging prospective talents directly through participation at major career fairs in Malaysia as well as in the UK, Australia and Indonesia. Additionally, engagement with talents is also carried out through the Maybank careers section in its website and in major social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Furthermore, Maybank is the first financial institution in Malaysia to introduce a unique region-wide international business case competition. Its GO Ahead Challenge is open to the top 40 universities in the region. It attracted more than 1,000 applicants and the top 30 were selected for the finals and offered employment with the group.

A large pool of fresh graduates are hired annually across the group where a series of well-designed entry level pipeline programmes are structured with the aim to develop skills and create leadership capabilities among the newcomers. The bank has its own Global Maybank Apprentice Programme which is an on-the-job programme that runs for two years for young graduates. It gives newcomers the opportunity to explore and experience the different functions within an area of their choice through a structured on-the-job rotation that is inclusive of a three-month international assignment to encourage cross-border exposure and network among young talents. There are many other programmes provided for the young trainees to enhance their understanding on customer service and staff management before being elevated to managerial positions. All these programmes cater towards professional growth and building of various skills and capabilities that will be influential in career development.

The work culture at Maybank strongly adheres to its core values, known as Tiger (Teamwork, Integrity, Growth, Excellence & Efficiency, Relationship Building). These are the vital guiding principles in all of Maybank’s actions. These values are in line with its call to serve with a H.E.A.R.T. (Humility, Efficiency, Appreciation, Respect, Trust) and is deemed as the DNA of the bank. Employees are provided with dynamic and professional courses to hone their technical, managerial and leadership skills. In addition, Maybank believes in work-life balance, thus offers many interesting chances for employees to have fun at work and foster unity amongst each other. With its solid legacy of financial strength, adherence to strong corporate governance, consistent value creation and return to its stakeholders as well as continuing its tradition of strategic foresight to sustain its leadership, Maybank has garnered a name as the number one bank in the country as well as a strong brand in the region. With its ambitious 2015 vision, the group is set to continue to entrench its leadership in the region.