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Lily says: Make a mark on the world

I have a soft spot for the tourism industry. I think itís because the very nature of tourism necessitates the attitude of a learner and an explorer. This idea of people wanting (and paying) to travel beyond the boundaries of what they usually know to visit a new place or culture, reflects an attitude that is, to me, one of the cures to many of our social problems.

The people that power this incredible industry are even more fascinating. They have the ability to leave long-lasting marks on a personís life. You remember the best hotel service, just like you remember that shopkeeper who sold you that ďI love (city name)Ē T-shirt at what you later found out to be a ridiculous price.

Both the best and the worst stay with you, but the best are truly exceptional. The best individuals I have met within the industry display a great ability to relate to people of all backgrounds and ages. They are knowledgeable, and passionate about people.

They also embrace the fact that they not only represent their hotel, airline or whichever tourism related service they are involved in, but they represent their country to the rest of the world.

Tourists donít stay for a long time, and the few people they do meet form their impression of the place, which can be hard to undo. With such power to influence, surely the tourism industry deserves the best people.

As of 2011, the tourism industry directly provides more than 700,000 jobs in Malaysia. With our cultural appeal and pricing competitiveness, the industry continues to grow and attract travellers from all over. As the sector grows, so does its need for human capital.

New opportunities are opening up and being created as we speak. So if you think you have the right skills to have a successful career in the tourism industry, then start finding out more about where you could fit in.

Not only could you find career fulfilment, but Malaysia needs you to help this industry to continue thriving. Turn to pages 6-8 to find out more about the sector. TalentCorp is also running a career fair from Oct 30 to Oct 31. If youíre looking for a work opportunity, get yourself there!

In Leaderonomics Show on page 5 this week, we feature naseba chairman Scott Ragsdale and his bold approach to life and work. Holder of several sport records, donít read his story if you donít want to be reminded how little exercise you have been doing. Whilst others would settle for a great family dinner to celebrate a birthday for instance, Ragsdale chose to swim across the English Channel.

Su Ann Cheng in page 10 writes all about internships and how they can be beneficial for both employer and intern. Starting Young this week features VP of Leaderonomics Youth, Chong Keat Lim, on the value of truthfulness.

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