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Ensuring supply in the FMCG sector

Ensuring supply in the FMCG sector means getting the product (ice cream, detergent, skin cream) manufactured and on the supermarket shelves.

That means getting the raw materials in place, supplying these to the manufacturing facility, production, quality control, warehousing and distribution and finally, supplying to the hypermarket or retailer. If you were to take the example of a premium ice cream sold in Malaysia it may mean importing the milk from New Zealand and the chocolate from Belgium, manufacturing it in Thailand and then importing for sale in Malaysia.

In Malaysia many FMCG companies import products from other countries in the region like Thailand and Philippines, so ensuring that the product arrives just in time, managing inventory and logistics becomes very important.

Interested in helping companies efficiently get their products on the supermarket shelves? Interested in the origin of products and have great ideas on innovation and improvements?

Be part of the dynamic world of SUPPLY CHAIN, LOGISTICS AND MANUFACTURING in the following roles:

Production — Liaises with suppliers and production sites for raw materials regionally, focusing on pricing and sustainability issues.

Engineering — Ensures environmental safety of products and processes as well as occupational safety of production floors.

Quality Assurance — Ensures products are safe to use, while adhering to industry standards in a specific country.

Research and Development — Researches customer feedback to develop innovation, by inventing new products and improving existing ones.

Food Technology — Creates new product formulations, or modifies existing product contents for healthier, tastier and better-packaged food.

Customer Service — Front line in collecting customer feedback, addressing immediate complaints through product replacement or offers.

Warehousing and Distribution —Works with raw materials/ unfinished goods suppliers and transport partners to keep the supply chain running.

Jennifer Ling, 39

Company: Dutch Lady Malaysia

Degree: Bachelor of science (human development), Universiti Putra Malaysia

Job title: Customer relations manager

The fast pace, dynamism and closeness to consumers drew Jennifer Ling to the FMCG sector. The customer relations manager lives off the excitement of ever-changing issues and demands on a daily working basis.

While others are tasked with getting Dutch Lady’s vast array of milk products – for both infants and growing children – on more shelves and stores, Ling is focused purely on the customer – in a nutshell, the average Malaysian parent.

“I focus on sales order management to ensure the right products, at the right quantity reach our customers, while aligning with the company’s objectives.

“I also support colleagues in other departments to ensure product launches and re-launches are successful,” she adds.

With so many opportunities for career growth in the industry, she advises novices to be open minded, assertive and never give up.

“Have the courage to take on challenges to find out which role and specialty best fits you. It’s also important to maintain an open mind and be resilient while finding your feet in the early stages of employment,” Ling recommends.