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Lily says: Household names

I have always been intrigued by fast moving consumer goods. From the bright colours, great packaging, ads, to the products themselves, as a consumer, it’s my favorite category of products to shop for.

The FMCG industry is well-established in Malaysia, and has built brands that we hold strong emotional connections to. Just think of a few names in the F&B side – brands like Milo, Julie’s and Twisties will surely trigger memories of some sort.

It’s the short shelf life of fast moving consumer goods that ensures we come in such frequent contact with them. From foods to toiletries, companies in this industry are familiar names to us and their brands instantly recognisable because their products sit in every facet of our homes.

But what does it take to run the FMCG engine? As consumers we cannot live without their final products, but what happens behind the scenes?

In this week’s career guide, we want to showcase the machinations of this fast paced sector. What does it take to get that jar of cream into your bathroom? Or that ice-cream into your hands?

With industry content courtesy of TalentCorp, we aim to increase awareness but also showcase the exciting roles available within the industry.

From generating demand, to supply to support services, flip through to pages 6-11 to find out more.

Gen-Y readers will be pleased to hear that many FMCG companies also offer great work benefits, like training and development, and a great working environment. If you’re passionate about these products and are looking for an exciting industry to join, this may be the sector for you.

For students, TalentCorp is organising a visit to the leading FMCG companies in August. What an opportunity! Check out page 11 for details on how to sign up. For readers already well underway in their careers, we also want these regular industry insights to serve as great knowledge tools for your work conversations and decisions.

On our other pages, we feature Rahul Colaco in My First Job on page 3. Colaco gives some great career tips, including the importance of exposing ourselves to different cultures, and also surrounding ourselves with supportive individuals who can spur us on.

In Hard Talk, HR thought leader Dr John Sullivan tackles the hard question of WHY for those who find themselves unable to land a job. He’s pulled together great facts and figures on the recruitment process. Did you know, for instance, that HR folks usually only spend 5-7 seconds looking at a resume?

In Be A Leader on page 5, Dr Glenn Williams again digs into what role virtues play in leadership.

I hope you get great insights out of this week’s career guide, and maybe even land yourself a role in a FMCG company as a result (If you do, please write to us to let us know!).

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Wishing you a great week ahead, and a blessed fasting month for our Muslim friends.

Until next Saturday,

Lily Cheah