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TalentCorp: Supporting transformation agenda focusing on key priority sectors

By 2020, Malaysia aspires to be a high income, advanced nation and emerge as a global talent destination.

TalentCorp was established to be a focal point in addressing the need for top talent to drive the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), which is the catalyst for economic growth and investments needed for Malaysia to achieve high-income status in the next seven years.

While the Government will prioritise its policies and spending for the ETP, the bulk of investments, targeted at 92% by 2020, are to be financed by the private sector. The private sector, therefore, has been placed in the driver’s seat in the implementation of the ETP. Delivering on talent is integral to the success of the ETP.

As a result, TalentCorp is focusing on building effective partnerships between public and private sectors to ensure the availability of top talent, especially for the key sectors of the economy. These sectors include:

l       Oil, gas and energy

l       Financial services/accounting

l       Fast moving consumer goods

l       Electrical and electronics

l       ICT and shared services

l       Healthcare

Oil, Gas and Energy

Lim Kwee Keong :: Senior vice-president :: Technip Asia

“Investing in Malaysia is more than just about hiring talent. Technip brings new technology to Malaysia and invests in human capital development programmes. Training people and upgrading their skills makes them want to stay with us. We collaborate with TalentCorp on graduate upskilling programmes, where for example a group of graduates are put through two months of technical knowledge training followed by six months of practical training to become piping and structural engineers.

“In addition, Technip has been able to tap on the pool of government scholars through the Scholarship Talent Attraction and Retention (STAR) programme. In the space of experienced talent, Technip has also leveraged on initiatives like the Returning Expert Programme (REP) to attract Malaysian professionals from abroad and also the Residence Pass – Talent (RP-T) for top expatriate talent.

“Technip has been able to bring technologically challenging jobs to Malaysia, including deepwater field developments and the world’s first two floating LNG projects. Hence, we have great career opportunities for both fresh and experienced global talent right here in Malaysia.”

Raiha Azni Abdul Rahman :: Vice-president, Human Resource Management :: Petronas

"We believe in ‘growing our own timber’, not just for PETRONAS, but also for the industry. PETRONAS' relationship with the industry players has enabled us to leverage on their strengths to contribute in nurturing students and influencing enhancements in related curriculum of the Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP).

"As a result, UTP provides opportunities in the Student Industrial Internship Programme that places undergraduates in the various companies for period of seven months for a truly impactful industry exposure. This way, students will be able to experience hands-on work environment that is in line with the industry requirements, and enable them to develop soft skills.

"The programme by UTP has been endorsed by Talentcorp to be a leading programme under its Structured Internship Programme that offers incentives to participating companies.

We also work closely with Talentcorp in attracting top Malaysian talent from abroad, whether in terms of assessing JPA scholars to serve their bond with PETRONAS or targeting Malaysian professionals abroad with support from the Returning Expert Programme."

Sector Focused Career Fair Universiti Teknologi Petronas: Oil and Gas, Mid Valley
Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Sector Focused Career Fair Universiti Teknologi Petronas: Oil and Gas, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

Financial Services

Hamidah Naziadin :: Head of corporate resources :: CIMB Group

“We see the wonderful work that TalentCorp is doing, and are privileged to partner with TalentCorp on many projects. Certainly, we see many areas where there is synergy. If you like, both CIMB and TalentCorp are obsessed with talent development. We have been collaborating with TalentCorp on many fronts, including taking part in career fairs that Talentcorp endorses, both in and outside Malaysia.

“TalentCorp as the one-stop-centre for the 10-year Residence Pass-Talent (RP-T) since April 2011 has also facilitated the processing of these passes for our top foreign talent at CIMB. Such initiatives increase the attractiveness of Malaysia as a career destination. We also fully support TalentCorp’s initiatives that bring together leading employers to help young graduates make the transition from school to work through career awareness programmes, outreaches and its website.

“TalentCorp on its part recognises CIMB’s innovation in talent development and shows its support in tangible ways. For instance, this year, TalentCorp is sponsoring our CIMB Asean Stock Challenge, the only regional virtual stock trading competition for university students. TalentCorp has also repeatedly shown its appreciation for our CIMB Fusion, the only graduate management programme that offers dual employment opportunities.”

CIMB Fusion signing ceremony at the
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. CIMB Fusion signing ceremony at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.


Sridharan Nair :: Managing partner :: PwC

“PwC has always been a strong proponent of developing and promoting talent in Malaysia. We believe that in advancing the national talent agenda further, collaboration with key enablers is the way forward which is why we’ve supported TalentCorp’s initiatives from its early days.

“This collaboration has strengthened over time with a number of initiatives: outreach to Malaysian talent abroad; improving employability of graduates through TalentCorp’s portal by providing content; participating in the Structured Internship Programme; promoting flexibility in the workplace to help the retention of women in the workforce; and sharing of best practices on work-life integration on the portal.

“Working together with TalentCorp has undoubtedly also helped improve PwC’s own employee value proposition and given us more insights into the human capital innovation taking place in this country. So it makes business sense for more employers in Malaysia to collaborate with TalentCorp as part of their talent investment initiatives.”

Interns at PwC under the Structured Internship Programme. Interns at PwC under the Structured Internship Programme.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Ling Ming Choo :: Human resource director :: Unilever Malaysia

“Unilever is passionate about attracting overseas-based Malaysians. By leveraging on TalentCorp’s extensive networks in the global market, we are able to reach out to more Malaysian students abroad, with the aim of bringing them back to undertake a rewarding career at Unilever.

“We believe strongly in the importance of building Malaysia’s talent pipeline and we’re delighted that TalentCorp shares this same vision.”

“An Industry Inside: Fast Moving Consumer Goods” visit to Unilever. “An Industry Inside: Fast Moving Consumer Goods” visit to Unilever.

Electrical and Electronics

Raj Purushothamanan :: Managing director :: National Instruments

“Being a relatively new investment in Malaysia, building and growing a sustainable pipeline of industry relevant talents remains a key goal for us.

“At National Instruments, we provide scientists and engineers with tools to accelerate innovation and believe in promoting an innovative culture with university graduates early on. TalentCorp’s Innovation Malaysia Design Competition is aligned to our beliefs on talent development and promotes industry and university collaboration.

“We are delighted that the team on National Instruments’ track emerged as the winner for the 2013 competition for their ‘Oil Palm Fruit Ripeness Detection Kit for Harvesting Decision’. The partnership with TalentCorp has been encouraging and we look forward to doing more together!”

Winners of the Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2013 Grand Finale, Penang. Winners of the Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2013 Grand Finale, Penang.

Datuk Dr Mohd Sofi Osman :: Vice-president APAC region , worldwide operations and engineering :: Altera Corp

“We see great synergy in working with TalentCorp in the realm of optimising Malaysian talent. We have embarked on a drive to build a sustainable talent pipeline for high value added jobs at Altera Corp.

“Through various TalentCorp initiatives like the Scholarship Talent Attraction and Retention (STAR) programme, the upskilling programme FasTrack, the High Income Talent Research Scientist Engineer programme (HIT-RSE) and Structured Internships for undergraduates, we are confident of attracting bright Malaysian engineers to high value-added careers in the Electrical and Electronics sector.

FasTrack is a great example of companies collaborating for the larger good; to make graduates industry ready and build a R&D talent pool for the nation with a long-term goal of embedding this content in the education system.

“The FasTrack Masters programme, introduced in 2013, encourages graduates of high caliber to pursue their education in high-end design and process technology.

It’s been great working with TalentCorp and we look forward to more exciting times together!”

ICT and Shared Services

Shankar Nagalingam :: HR director, South Asia and ANZ :: Dell Malaysia

“Dell is actively collaborating with TalentCorp on building a diverse sustainable talent pipeline for the nation. We are working together on communicating the vibrant job opportunities in the shared services sector to young graduates through participation in local career fairs and providing content for collaterals on the sector. We also believe that an engaged and diverse workforce is a competitive advantage to Dell.

The graduation ceremony of FasTrack, a 12-month programme targeted at high-achieving Malaysian engineering graduates. The graduation ceremony of FasTrack, a 12-month programme targeted at high-achieving Malaysian engineering graduates.

“Being a diversity advocate, I work closely with TalentCorp on gender diversity initiatives with the aim to increase the participation of women in the workforce and in decision-making positions. My role includes advocacy on gender diversity through various media channels and networking sessions, as well as sharing experiences and guiding employers who are keen to implement work-life practices.”