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Growing new age talents


We need to give a brief to our consultants on how we want them to support us in our talent building programme to recruit and grow new talents successfully in our organisations.

We do not want to tell them the wrong thing or miss out on important areas to go for in this initiative.

We do not want to waste unnecessary money and time as the need to get good results fast is key as we are want to be competitive in the marketplace like what we used to be.

So what should guide us to know that the transformation is gradually taking place? What signs do we look for?


The most important factor lies in the profile of what a good talent is, which will also double up as the outcomes you may want to see coming out of your talent building initiative.

A good talent is someone who has great courage and confidence to try out new things, and is a systemic thinker who can ‘see’ wider and deeper of people and events.

For these outcomes to be a reality, talent building programmes need to be holistic to grow talents in personal, people and professional mastery skills.

Thus, the learning areas in the curriculum should focus on the development of their emotive, intellectual, leadership and professional competencies so that they become holistic and balanced leaders.

When they have all these, they will be able to contribute holistically to your organisation.


• What kind of behaviours do you want to see happening in your organisation?

• What will these behaviours do for yourorganisation now and in the future?

• How can your talent building programmes produce these desired behaviours?

• What support is needed to see this happening successfully?

Article by Dr Michael Heah, an ICF Credentialed Coach with