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Organisational change starts from the management

Question: The people in my organisation are resistant to all kinds of changes, even if these changes are for their own good.

I am upset with their rigid ways that only show they are stubborn, disloyal and ungrateful for what the organisation has done for them.

What I am also concerned about is that there will be more harm should they continue to act this way. I am sure they are aware about this situation; however, they still choose not to move an inch out of their comfort zones.

Even a simple instruction, like dressing more professionally, is not complied with. I need professional advice on the next best thing to do here.

Answer: Trying to understand your story makes me want to ask you this question, 'How much have you changed in order to get others to change?

Like you, many others recognise the need to adapt to the new changing circumstances in both our personal and professional lives.

On the other hand, few realise the change we need to make to ourselves first. This change I am referring to is your personal preparedness to make the transit from an old-fashioned manager to a new-aged leader.

Without this internal change in ourselves, it will be difficult to implement the external changes that we want in others.

The change from within is really about the power structure of the organisation it is the decentralisation you are prepared to make, to create a centralisation structure of decision-making and power-sharing.

For instance, if the authority of the organisation rests with only a few of you, then people down the line would feel disempowered as they have no role in any decision-making whatsoever.

Everyone wants a stake in power sharing. This is another reality in the modern world that you may have missed out.

In order to achieve the changes you want to see, share the power in your organisation with others by loosening up the system more so that people have more control and say over their professional lives.

The modern day workforce does not like to take things sitting down, but want in on the action and risks too. Let them participate in the organisation more.

Let go of some power and learn to meet them halfway, instead of wanting everything to go your way.

Powerful Questions You Can Ask Yourself

How much changes have taken place within the management team?

How can this be reciprocated with the change you want from your people?

What good will this bring to everyone?

Where is the first place to start?

Article by Dr Michael Heah, an ICF Master Certified Coach with