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The one characteristic high functioning people possess

Question: I often marvel at some people who are so creative in coming up with great ideas that work.

They are on the ball from the word go, thinking and stretching their brains for ideas until they find the best ones.

They seem to stop at nothing until their goal is achieved brilliantly. I wonder what really goes inside these people’s minds.

Frankly, I wish I could be more like them.

My roadblocks are that I do not have the sort of stamina, enthusiasm and motivation to last the race. So in the end, I either give up halfway, or lazily go through the motion.

This explains my mediocre output, which is not creative, lacks imagination or is simply just too common. What does it take to improve this idea creation within me?

Answer: What separates the men from the boys in terms of excellence is a little something I call purpose.

People’s motivation is often determined by how purposeful they are. When they are purposeful, they simply love what they are doing because they know exactly what they want for their personal or professional life.

In contrast, non-purposeful people regard almost everything as a drag, simply because they are not sure what they want in life. Hence, the end result for them is usually perceived as boring, dull, and a waste of time.

In such a state, it is usually difficult to generate good outcomes from what they are doing, let alone enjoy the journey.

Thus, the first place to start is by finding something you love that fulfills your values and passions. You will only be able to find this when you spend time to connect with yourself to know what you really want.

So be brave, yet be kind to yourself. Get to know who you really are.

You can try getting help from your close friends as well, who can draw you to areas of your life which you have either taken for granted, down played or missed out.

Once you find this out, the ‘magic’ will start happening within you. You will find that you are more motivated, resourceful, and even ‘visionary’, and you will often be taking a few steps ahead of others.

You will be a different person then; you will be like your other positive friends, who want change and improvement and therefore be ‘positively dissatisfied’ with yourself and your life.

One other positive thing that will happen to a purposeful person is that they become more discerning too.

They learn how to say ‘no’ to people and matters that do not move them, and ‘yes’ to those that represent opportunities for their personal and professional life. Won’t it be refreshing to live purposefully?

Powerful Questions You Can Ask Yourself

• What are your current experiences of your life today?

• How good does it make you feel?

• How will you feel when you have made a dramatic change in the way you perceive it?

• What benefits come along with it?

Article by Dr Michael Heah, an ICF Master Certified Coach with