The IBBM Financial Services Industry Careers 2011 (IBBM FSI Careers 2011) is the first financial services industry career fair in Malaysia. It will feature over 30 financial institutions and serves as an excellent platform to facilitate face-to-face interaction between jobseekers and hiring companies alike. This in turn gives both parties greater insight into the career options and the calibre of talent available respectively.

At the Institute of Bankers Malaysia (Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia or IBBM), we are devoted to providing world class education and learning services as part of our mission to develop talent in the financial services industry. With our pioneering experience in the industry, IBBM recognizes that aside from providing talent development programmes, a major step that an employer can make in their efforts to leverage their human capital asset is finding and hiring the right employee.

The talent race is on and we are inviting you to come on board.