Come join our ideas factory!

The Ideas Factory is a hub of innovation. It is a place that encourages the birth of new ideas. Our aim is to create an environment that encourages creativity and to harness the creative power of our greatest asset, our people!

5 Reasons to join The Ideas Factory

1. Freedom To Innovate Employees are encouraged to try new solutions to old problems. To think of new ways to improve on what we have, and to develop new products. All ideas are welcomed and not shot down.

2. Training Employees are occasionally sent to industry-relevant training to improve their skill-set as well as help in personal self-development

3. Geekgasm! Employees get the chance to work (and play!) with the latest tech gizmos and gadgets in order to innovate and develop products for various platforms..

4. Warm and friendly people We're a bunch of friendly people who help each other along the way. We feel more like a family or a team than just colleagues forced to work together.

5. Stability Work with one of the top New Media / Internet-based companies in Malaysia.

We are hiring: Web Developers

The Ideas Factory is managed by I.Star Sdn Bhd (Co No 422871-T), a subsidiary of Star Publications (Malaysia) Berhad.
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