Packaging Engineer

BCI New Energy Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

Based: Malaysia(Johor, Others)

Posted on 16 May 2019

Job Description

  • Familiar with the use of various packaging materials and related properties, including: paper packaging, plastic packaging, wood packaging, and related auxiliary materials.
  • Familiar with basic price information of all kinds of package materials
  • Understand logistics related knowledge, such as Trailer tonnage, container size, wharf related information.
  • Responsible for new product packaging plan, confirm packaging operation instructions with suppliers
  • Improve the existing product packaging program, on-site product production process guidance, the production of standard operating instructions;
  • Through the three-dimensional software design and verification of product packaging program, regularly carry out structural size and performance testing of packaging materials used in product packaging, formulate technical indicators of packaging materials, participate in the evaluation of packaging material suppliers.
  • Establish product packaging database, formulate monthly and annual packaging budget;
  • Continuous optimization of packaging plan and packaging materials, rational use of recyclable packaging materials management and utilization, so as to reduce packaging costs;
  • Other tasks assigned by the leadership. 

Company Details

BCI New Energy Manufacturing Sdn Bhd


Gelang Patah

81560 Johor


BCI Engineering offers effective end-to-end supply chain solutions to light and heavy industrial sectors while specializing in metals, castings, forgings, metal forming, roll forming, weldments, fabrications, and precision machining.

BCI operates in some of the most competitive industrial manufacturing regions in the world. Whether in China, Europe, or North America, BCI has been able to develop a strong global manufacturing and logistical footprint, as well as strategic partnerships with other companies in complementary fields. Our network of relationship allows us to co-develop world-class projects and products. Whether it is a completely new product line that requires is fully involved engineering, manufacturing, sourcing, and investment; or an old product line that seeks to increase cost competitiveness overseas, BCI works hand-in-hand with customers to ensure that they receive the best materials and services.

We are also able to partner with customers to minimize their global supply chain risks by leveraging our existing infrastructure or offering a variety of technical solutions. As a global partner, BCI operates manufacturing hubs around the world in order to effectively manage our customers diversified supply chain needs. We have industrial and engineering hubs in China, Malaysia, Mexico, Italy, Poland, and the US. Each hub is solely focused on a different aspect of the industry, such as castings, fabrications, and light assembly. However, all hubs work seamlessly together under our highly trained project managers to great results. BCI is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

BCI Engineering originated with the founding Brantingham & Carroll International in 2006. Since its inception, BCI Engineering has continued to grow through continuous investments in both technology and top personnel to meet changing customer demands. Today, BCI Engineering is an Industry leader with project operations worldwide.