Kindergarten Principal

Tadika Akal Budi

Based: Malaysia(Selangor)

Posted on 13 Nov 2017

Job Description

The Kindergarten Principal shall be responsible to the area superintendent for the performance of all duties and supervise all professional and support personnel assigned to the campus, including but not limited to the following:-

Instructional Management
  • Monitors the instructional program.
  • Insures planning for instruction and student achievement.
  • Works with teachers in developing short and long range instructional goals.
  • Insures that a system for monitoring student progress is in place.

School Climate
  • Recognizes efforts and achievements of the staff and students.
  • Communicates effectively with staff, parents, students and community.
  • Supports programs and actions that facilitate a positive and caring school climate.
  • Encourages active staff involvement in decision making.

School Improvement
  • Accomplishes campus improvement plan goals.
  • Provides opportunities for staff development.
  • Determines and builds a campus plan with staff for school improvement; directs planning activities and implements programs collaboratively with staff to ensure attainment of school's mission.
  • Identifies, analyzes and applies research findings to facilitate school improvement.

Personnel Management
  • Observes instruction, records observations and conducts meetings.
  • Encourages participation in staff development activities.
  • Complies with district procedures in selection, retention and dismissal of staff.
  • Enforces contractual provisions and administrative regulations regarding employee's conduct and performance.

Administration and Fiscal / Facilities Management
  • ​Complies with district policies and regulations in facilities management.
  • Maintains an organized, attractive and clean school environment for learning.
  • Provides a safe and secure environment for learning.
  • Uses the existing facilities effectively.
  •  Assumes responsibility for the inventory of fixed assets.
  • Maintains expenditures within available funds.
  • Assumes responsibilities for requisitions, supplies, textbooks, equipment, and all materials necessary to the operation of the school.  

Student Management
  • Uses management techniques and programs to promote positive student behavior.
  • Communicates and conferences with students as needed to encourage appropriate student behavior and support for the school.
  • Communicates and conferences with parents as needed to encourage appropriate student behavior and support for the school.
  • Communicates conduct guidelines to students, parents, and staff.
  • Uses management techniques and programs to address at-risk students. 


Company Details

Tadika Akal Budi

6, Jalan Kasturi 3, Taman Kasturi, Off Jalan Balakong


43200 Selangor


Latest Positions

Tadika Akal Budi situated in Cheras. It has established itself to serve the community within the area. It is an established kindergarten. It commits to provide a systematic and effective learning programme and the best possible learning environment.