Online Customer Service

Northfolk Information Technologies Inc.

Based: Philippines(Zambales, Manila)

Posted on 10 Jul 2018

Job Description

 in the Philippines (RM4000)
1. The customer service staff mainly answers questions in the business process for the customer through the online method.
2. to meet the needs of customers and timely promotion of the company's latest activities.
3. Proactively serve each customer, understand customer needs, and maintain a good relationship with the company.

Company Details

Northfolk Information Technologies Inc.

580 Rival Ave. East Tapinac, Olongapo City, 2200 Zambales


2200 Zambales


Northfolk Info Tech Inc. abbreviation: NITI, founded in the Philippines, has been focusing on the online services industry for five consecutive years. It was the first to obtain the most authoritative license and certification in the Philippines, as well as a strong legal umbrella. The Group has a good relationship with top local leaders in the Philippines and is committed to ensuring that all employees are working at ease. Now it is developing vigorously overseas. It requires a large number of people with lofty ideals to participate. The company will select the best staff based on their personal abilities and make a better contribution to the company's future development. The company's staff are all domestic people, both men and women, communication without hindrance, a clear division of labor. Good company management, everyone lives in harmony, unity, love, help each other. We are determined to develop, pay attention to training, and give every employee a good promotion space. As long as you have the ability to generate income for the company, then the company will meet your needs. We give you a platform to show and play, let you make a glowing gold. If you do not want to work for a lifetime, if you have the same ambition as us, this is definitely your unique choice. The results we give you will also satisfy you.