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    Saturday, April 14, 2018

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    Be A Leader

    What really is coaching?

    Let's go deep into coaching to understand its dynamics so that you will know the ‘inside job’ of what a coach does. In doing so, we shall first define what coaching is.

    Career & Industry

    Curiosity - The precursor to innovation

    Innovation only happens in the right environment, one where everyone is allowed to innovate, speak up and bring new ideas to the table. This sound like common sense, but it is far from common practice.

    Career Advice

    Want To Stand Out?

    I love to read articles and advice on how to be successful – but how can I stand out when everyone is following the same advice?

    I Want To Break Free

    A little child came home one day from school with a letter from his teacher to his mother.

    A Day in the Life

    Go figure!

    Having founded a company in the employee-to-employee learning space, there is a thread about learning that is always running in my brain.

    Consulting Corner

    They went from zero to hero

    Hailing from a small village in Kudat, Sabah, Syaiful, Sharif and Atu (real names are Mohammad Syaiful, Sharif Kadil and Sharif Kunal respectively) are the sons of a traditional fisherman, Sharif Doli.

    Career & Industry

    The ‘tech company’ bandwagon

    This era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (also known as Industry 4.0) or digital transformation sees technology and how it is used becoming the competitive differentiators for companies.

    Career Advice

    Fixed mindset vs growth mindset

    As you grow older, what have you successfully changed about yourself to live a more fulfilling life?

    Deep purple lessons

    Why do you need to not just have, but act on, a number of ideas? Why do you need, as Seth Godin says, to ship more often?