IBBM Financial Services Industry Careers 2011

Welcome remark by Tay Kay Luan, CEO, Institute of Bankers Malaysia

The Institute of Bankers Malaysia (IBBM) is proud to host the first Financial Service Industry (FSI) Careers 2011, leading employers will look forward to meet with prospective and talented job seekers wishing to seek more information about career opportunities or internships at leading banks and the financial services industry.

Employers today face formidable talent challenges. The ability to sustain a steady pipe line of right and flexible talent is a challenge facing all organizations not only locally and globally. Among the immediate issues are growing skill shortages as a result of growing competition, impact of structural market changes, and most importantly, an increasing demand for diverse workforce. There are also leadership gaps. FSI employers are no exception. Faced with intense cost pressure, new markets, and more demanding customers, these additional challenges give rise to greater urgency for innovation in searching and hiring talent. Indeed, employers will agree that talent management is of strategic importance.

Our objective is to work with our partners to search and hire the right employees. It is with this in mind that the first FSI Careers 2011 is being organised with a primary objective of bringing together leading employers in the FSI to meet potential applicants and for individuals to learn about a range of possible jobs across multiple disciplines from actuarial, to relationship management or risk management. Employers in their war for talent will have the opportunity to share the broad spectrum of career opportunities, and to hold personal conversation over their chances.

A career in the Malaysian banking and related financial services industry has always been the preferred option among fresh graduates or individuals wishing a mid career change. Not only are there are now opportunities to work overseas as leading employers expand their presence regionally, the number of career options across numerous disciplines, whether as part of the front line sales force or a specialised banker in treasury, investment or credit analysis - there are indeed lots of opportunities available for those who wish to make a career in the industry.

The FSI sector as a multi-disciplined industry, will want individuals with professional diverse skills, knowledge from diverse academic backgrounds, not just in banking or finance, in order to operate effectively. There is a place for those who are knowledgeable in areas such as sales and marketing, risk management, communications, customer service, law and IT, to name a few. The career fair features over 30 leading banks with global brands and financial institutions, each of whom are here to listen to your career aspirations, and try to find a place for you in their organizations. It is an exciting time in the financial services industry. We sincerely hope that this fair will help you in your quest to find a satisfying and successful career in this vibrant and vital industry.

This story is written in conjunction with the IBBM Financial Services Industry Careers 2011 that will be held on 22 November 2011 at KLCC Convention Centre. For more information, please click here.