10 basic pieces for women (Part 1)

Are you fresh from university and clueless on what to wear for work? Wendy Lee from Chapter One Asia shares with us 10 basic pieces a woman and man should have in his/her wardrobe as she/he makes the transition from college/university to office.

For women:

1) Skirt Suit

o Considered the highest ranking in terms of hierarchy of dress code for ladies.

o You can never go wrong with this ensemble – it just says lady-like but assertive and strong.

2) Pant Suit

o Wear the jacket and pants together to show you mean business—or treat them like separates to maximize their use.

o Add a chic tank top inside – whether it’s coloured or plain – gives you a bit of colour to your ensemble.

3) White button-down shirt

o A fitted one will get the most wear: It's easier to tuck in and looks neat when left out.

4) Crisp white or pastel coloured blouse

o Softer looking than a button-down, a white or pastel coloured blouse is a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

5) Chic Cardigan

o Adds a touch of feminity.

o Great for casual Fridays.

Photos are courtesy of nordstrom (dot) com.

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