At Work

Putting the zing back into your work

There are times when we donít feel like going to work and then there are times when we canít seem to leave our desks. Whatever it is, you need your job just as much as the next person needs his.

Remember what it was like when you first started at this job Ė how enthusiastic and passionate you were? Regain that eagerness and attitude.

Here are some tips to get back into the groove:

o Find and do something that makes you happy.

List down things that you know you are capable of and have an interest in. Identify whether itís an individual or a group activity. If itís a sport like badminton, get a group of people to play with you. If you are not entirely comfortable with group activities, do something simple like reading or watching a movie.

o Be the captain of your own ship Ė steer your own path.

Stop letting people tell you what to do. Be your own master and decide what you want to do. If you are not happy with yourself, seek help or make a change. You might not be able to control your surroundings or the people around you but you can change how you react to them.

o Communications, interactions!

If you are bored or lonely, get to know more people! There are a lot of people in the office whom are worthy of your time. Learn from one another. Work doesnít mean that youíre bound to your desk from nine to five. Itís not healthy. Start by getting off your chair during lunch time and mingle around. Donít know where to start? Get yourself involved in company events or the sports club. You're bound to make friends that way!

o De-clutter!

Are you bored with your workspace? Is it too plain and uninspiring? Try coming in early or stay a bit later after work to de-clutter or decorate your workspace. Trash the stuff that you no longer need and keep those that you need in an organised manner. You might just find your workspace a comfort when youíre done.

o Take a brisk walk

The simplest thing of all Ė take 10 to 15 minutes off to get some fresh air. Leave your phone, your cigarettes and your workload Ė you will be amazed how better you will feel after.