10 basic pieces for men (Part 1)

Are you fresh from university and clueless on what to wear for work? Wendy Lee from Chapter One Asia shares with us 10 basic pieces a woman and man should have in his/her wardrobe as she/he makes the transition from college/university to office.

For men:


o White is a MUST.

o Subsequent shirts - go for anything that is light coloured.

o You may opt for striped shirts. Just make sure the stripes donít make you look like a convict.


o Anything with cartoon motives and weird designs are a complete no-no.

o If anything that is less than 3 inches are meant for school, not office.

o If you are on a budget, buy ties and shirts that can be mixed and matched.


o Opt for colours like black, navy blue and dark grey for a start.

o Dare to be different? Checkered prints are okay, but keep them for casual wear on weekends.


o Black or dark brown is good. Make sure your buckle is not too big or has symbols and logos of Playboy Bunny.

Photos are courtesy of nordstrom (dot) com.

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