At Work

Time to move on

Everyone has their ups and downs at work. Some weeks you are super-productive. Other weeks, not so much. But how do you know when it’s time to really make a move — updating your portfolio and beginning the official job search?

Here are five signs that should point you in the right direction:

You dread getting out of bed

Do you repeatedly hit the snooze button? Do you have an overwhelming desire to remain buried under the covers, far from demands, deadlines and clamouring co-workers? One of the biggest red flags of job dissatisfaction is an unwillingness to face the day — not just some mornings, but every morning. What is your body trying to tell you?

Your work relationships and performance suffer

Remember when group projects were productive, water-cooler chat was a pleasant repose and happy hour truly was happy? If lately you find yourself avoiding certain people and tasks, slacking on your reviews or dreading the annual company picnic, chances are you’ve lost that loving feeling for your job.

You become “someone else”

If you feel like you can’t be yourself at work and have become a “pretender”, don’t shrug it off and don’t blame yourself. Every company’s culture is different. Yours may not be aligned with who you are as a person. Be aware that there are professional people out there who embrace the same goals and values as you do. It may be time to seek them out.

Your job doesn’t make use of your talents

Perhaps you’re an advertising executive, but have always wanted to be a chef. Perhaps your job title is “coordinator”, but you feel more like the creative type. It’s never too late to look in a new direction in terms of your career and future happiness.

You spend most of your time grumbling

People may love to commiserate over frustrating aspects of our jobs. But if most of your hours at work are spent feeding negative thoughts and generally complaining, that’s a huge sign it may be time to pack it in. Find a new career in an environment that feels more rewarding and in line with your talents. You can do it.

If you have done all you can to improve things, but your job still makes you miserable, do something about it. Take a few steps forward each week. Compile your portfolio, and update your resumé. Search the career websites to see what’s out there. Take a few personality tests to help you identify your strengths.

When we feel unhappy or unsatisfied about things, it’s safe to say it’s time to find something out there that’s better suited to us. Where do you want to go next? All the best for a rewarding and fulfilling career doing what you love! . - Source: ST/ANN

ARTICLE by Hallie Crawford, a certified career coach.