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Top 10 ways to deliver a great presentation at work

Now weíre not ASKING you to get nervous, weíre saying itís ALRIGHT to feel nervous. Even the most seasoned public speaker usually has a slight case of the nerves before speaking. Being nervous is good because it shows that you recognise the significance of your presentation and that you are not numb to reality.

Feeling nervous is justified even if you are properly prepared. Depending on your experience with speaking in public, you should give yourself sufficient time to prepare. Get your points down early and practise, practise, practise! You can do this in front of your mirror or simply in your head.

Presentations at work have the sole purpose of conveying important information. It is crucial that the person you are conveying the message to is able to understand you. Make sure you pace yourself well. Keep it slow and steady, but donít let it drag on.

Building on number 8, do more than just pace yourself. Add vocal variety and pauses to allow your audience to really digest and absorb your ideas. Again, having your audience understand the information you are conveying is paramount.

No one wants to know how to build a clock when he asks for the time. Make sure you use your time wisely, and focus on your main points. Adding some flair to your presentation is great, but, donít deviate too far from your main points.

A little humour can go a long way, just donít overdo it. Making a quick joke or witty remark at the beginning of your presentation can help ease some tension. If you get your audience to laugh, itíll show that your audience is engaged with you and thatís a great confidence booster.

Powerpoint slides are great and are always encouraged! Never forget however, that your slides are a TOOL, you are the presenter. Limit the amount of text on your slide. Let your slides complement your presentation, not be your actual presentation.

It takes experience to be a great public speaker. However, you can always be passionate when you are presenting. Make your audience see that you believe in what you are saying. Be passionate!

We all get a little afraid of the podium. Despite what you may think, your audience ultimately wants to see you succeed. Just be yourself when presenting, especially if your audience knows you as an individual. This will give your audience the genuine you and help you be somebody believable. Donít be a speaker.

Know your content inside out! When presenting at work, you donít want to come across as a person dictating some main points. You need to appear as an expert who is sharing his knowledge and expertise. Be ready to answer all questions.