Career Guide

10 Leadership quotes and lessons from The Avengers

1 “War isn’t won by sentiment. It’s won by soldiers.” – Leaders are highly dependent on their teams and followers. They must never forget that.

2 “Until the world ends we will act like it spins on.” – As Loki’s reign of terror was becoming a serious threat, Nick Fury said these words to ensure that he and the team are not focused on the negativity surrounding them. Regardless how bad the situation, leaders keep working towards their goals and don’t give up.

3 “I am burdened with glorious purpose.” – Though misguided, Loki’s words are an accurate reflection of all leaders who should desire to do something purposeful.

4 “An ant has no quarrel with a boot.” – Loki reminds us not to get involved in too many petty issues that distract us from our mission and goals.

5 “There is only one God. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.” - Captain America referring to Thor. He is right. No man is remotely close to God so we need to all work hard and keep developing ourselves.

6 “Looks like Earth might need something a little old-fashioned.” – Sometimes the answer to our problems may be a simple answer, and a return to the fundamentals is often the best course of action.

7 “We need a plan of attack.” says Captain America. “I have a plan – ATTACK!” responds Tony Stark aka Iron Man - Leaders are people of action and make things happen. Attack (being proactive) may be the best form of defence.

8 “Your world is in the balance and you bargain for one man.” – While trying to rescue Hawkeye, Loki says these words to Black Widow. Leaders care for their followers and team. Even if it means saving one person, they would do it. Do you care for your people?

9 “You lack conviction.” – Leaders will ultimately fail when they do not completely own the vision they have been given.

10 “Hulk SMASH!” – Leaders often only need simple instructions and clear objectives. Hulk only needed a single word.