Career Guide

Top 10 ways to show gratitude to your employees

10. The gift of time

The thing we all need the most, especially around the holiday season, is time. To reward your hardworking employees, consider giving them some time off work, even just an afternoon, to go and take care of all their personal errands – it can be quite stressful if you have to be bogged down at work and at the same time think of the family dinner party you have to prepare and all the gifts you have to buy and wrap. This will help relieve a bit of the stress, and your company will definitely reap the benefits.

9. Food, Glorious Food

What is the one thing that brings all Malaysians together, that keeps the conversation going, and that can brighten up everyone’s day? Food! The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So make sure there is always ample supply of sweet and savoury snacks around the office. It will definitely keep your hard working employees happy and will show them that they are valued and well taken care of.

8. Praise the one that deserves it

We humans are social beings, and we always yearn for the approval and encouragement of those around us. Praising an employee who has done something good for the company can go a long way – just be sure to be specific on what they did that was worth praising, and that the encouragement is given in a way that encourages the rest of the team to follow suit rather than feel sidelined.

7. Get personal

Some may think it is not appropriate to get too close to your employees. Such a move may lead to difficulties in terms of overseeing them later on. However, some level of personal connection with them may go a long way. Caring enough to find out about your employees’s personal lives may indeed make them see your “human” side and they might stop looking at you as the distant “boss”.

6. Money rewards

Money is definitely not everything. And not always does it lead to happiness and loyalty among your employees. However, monetary rewards can demonstrate your recognition of your employees’ services.

5. Flexible schedules

If the job permits it, allow your employees to work on a flexible schedule, whether that refers to their time schedule, or their location. If they can do their work from home, and they would prefer to do that, do show your trust and let them do so. If they prefer coming in earlier and leaving a bit early or the other way round, do allow them as this would fit in better with their personal commitments and keep them more focused on their work.

4. Celebration time

Do arrange for celebration dinners/lunches to celebrate employee’s birthdays, or even special achievements of teams or individuals. This will bring all your staff much closer, and lead to better relations in the office.

3. Career acceleration

Make sure you help your employees accelerate their career progress by having meaningful conversations with them about their career development, and helping them set realistic and significant goals and guide them through their implementation. Remember: You should always aim to improve your employees’ career – you will be highly appreciated for that!

2. Provide Opportunity

While discussing with your employees their development and goals, make sure you provide opportunities within your organisation for them to grow and progress.

1. Say thank you and smile!

Last but not least, be nice to your employees. Remember – they spend their days and their careers for your organisation, so showing your appreciation verbally to them every day is crucial.