Don't be fooled! There are no shortcuts to success

You probably have heard that “practice makes perfect.” If you keep practicing, you can actually be an expert at something. In fact, research has proven just how much practice is required to become a genius - 10 years or 10,000 hours of extensive practice.

Bill Gates had 10,000 programming hours under his belt before he made it. The Beatles practiced for years before they were regarded as a good band. Tiger Woods and David Beckham had to practice their crafts for many years before they became world-class athletes.

If you do the math, just three hours a day of practice for 10 years can make you an expert.

So, my advice to you today: If you want to be a genius in something, just practice! It’s not easy, but we never said that achieving world-class performance was easy. But it can be done with practice.

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