Making feng shui work for you

Feng shui is often dismissed as “hokey” or taken lightly, especially when the advice is something like “put mandarin ducks in the South-East corner of your bedroom.” Feng shui expert Jane Hor stresses that feng shui is really a science that has been studied for years by the ancient Chinese thinkers – a science that has lasted until today.

This year is the year of the Water Dragon, and from a feng shui perspective, time is broken up into five-year periods, with this year sitting smack in the middle of a cycle, acting as a break-even point.

She explains that your zodiac determines your luck in this cycle, so some will have better luck than others. However, this year being a break-even year, if you spent the last two years lolling in good luck, this year may prove to be a little tougher, and if you’ve had a streak of poor luck then this year may prove to be the bringer of better opportunities.

That being said, flinging caution to the wind is not recommended. While this year may bring a breath of fresh air to those mired in troubles, it is not a license to go all out and make investments that are high in risk and the like! Watch out for “noblemen” or “noblewomen,” - people who are sometimes placed in your path to guide you or give you a helping hand when you need it most.

Read on to find out what the Water Dragon has in store for your career:

The common misconception is that Dragon people have better luck in Dragon years, but unfortunately, the opposite is true. According to Hor, being a Dragon and entering a Dragon year equates to less than stellar luck, so Dragons had better tread carefully and watch out for lawsuits. Hor also advises Dragons not to depend too much on others for help this year: Much of what you accomplish will be born of your own effort. However, while you can’t depend too much on others for help, you should try to get the opinions of others before making a decision as the chances of you making the wrong one are high.

Dragons in a commission-based line: Hor predicts a bleaker year for you, as the stars indicate chances that are snatched away from you before you can grab them. However, if you’re involved in strategising, writing or composing, this year will bring you great ideas that can give your career a boost.

Recommended career path: Advertising, writing.

If you work towards getting a promotion this year, then the chances of it happening are quite good. The “Sun Star” (“sun” means “male”) indicates that working with men, or in a male-dominated industry, is good regardless of whether you yourself are male or female; Hor also says that opportunities from men should come your way quite often, so be sure to grab them if they do! Stay focused, though, because this year your tendency to lose focus may cost you the promotions and opportunities that should be falling into your hands relatively easily.

Recommended career path: Construction, transportation, logistics.

The Dragon is not very benevolent towards the Horse this year, in terms of health and safety; so, if you’re travelling, Hor’s advice to you is to be extra careful while driving. Career-wise, “the more you sow, the more you’d harvest,” says Hor, who then adds that employees may find that their reputation exceeds their wealth – you may get promotions and recognition, but not necessarily increments or big bonuses. Horse employees, your stars indicate recognition for your efforts and heightened chances of winning awards. Watch out for opportunities to show off your unique talents! Your unstable emotions may make focus a little difficult, so if you’re running your own business you may want to work harder on focusing on your company’s direction. On the negative side, this year holds a higher chance of lawsuits so be extra vigilant while going about your business.

Recommended career path: Any industry that rewards employees with recognition (awards, etc), like advertising.

Goats, you may be seeing your doctor more this year, so do take care of your health. The presence of the “Hook” star suggests that your plans may get “hooked,” causing problems or other unexpected issues. Hor also warns against partnerships, even with friends, and cautions against lending money to people this year. Be wary and the Goat’s mantra for this year should be “It’s better to err on the side of caution.” Your Career Palace is housing one auspicious star, though: the “Moon Star” (Moon = femininity) indicates that female noblewomen will arrive to help you when help is needed! To take full advantage of this, do try working in a female-dominated environment, or a female-products industry.

Recommended career path: Female industry (cosmetics, etc).

The Monkey facing difficulties this year will not have a problem getting help from people, but generally the stars indicate that Monkeys would need to be more proactive this year before getting recognition. You should try to sell yourself a bit more, says Hor, who also advises grabbing opportunities whenever they come your way. Monkey employees have increased chances of promotion, especially if you’re in PR, broadcasting or the entertainment industry as you might find that good ideas flow more easily in the year of the Dragon. Monkeys who shine too brilliantly might find that brilliance engenders jealousy, so it’s best to ignore malicious talk and keep on shining. Hor also cautions against lawsuits and advises Monkeys to be extra careful and read the fine print carefully before signing anything.

Recommended career path: Broadcasting, entertainment, PR.

Roosters, you may crow now because this year is a good year for you! Roosters are good friends with the Dragon, so this year is a year for you to go ahead with your career plans. The stars indicate that Roosters will find it easier to make friends this year, and promotions are also more likely to come your way. The Jade Hall star indicates an inflow of money, so this year looks to be a good one for both employer and employee alike. But, and there’s always a “but,” last year’s Rabbit was not a good friend of the Rooster, so don’t expect your good fortune to go from 0 to 60 in a month or so: Give it some time to fully kick in. Hor reckons your good fortune to be at full capacity some time in the middle of the year, and recommends that your biggest plans be timed in the second half; but if you do find yourself stuck in a jam, there should be noble people aplenty to help you out. Finance-wise, you may find that while money is flowing in, money flows right back out; not to worry, though, it’s only minor; but do try to restrain from whipping out your credit card on big-ticket purchases too often.

Recommended career path: This year is a good year for Roosters – any industry will serve you well.

Dogs and Dragons “clash,” according to Hor, as they are located directly opposite each other on the Zodiac wheel, so Dogs, be prepared for this year to spring changes on you. However, whether the change is good or bad depends on your personal luck; so, if you were born in December and have been getting great luck for the past two years, this “break-even” year may bring you adverse luck. If you were born in the summer months (June-August), however, this year may bring good changes to your career in the shape of promotions and the like.

No matter the changes in your career path, you should try to avoid confrontation, Hor says. For businessmen, veterans and newbies alike, you should proceed with caution. The stars indicate that it’s better to hold than to expand, and that expansion may be halted or derailed by a wrench in the works. There is a glimmer of hope though: Hor says that there will be solutions to your problems, along with “noblemen” or “noblewomen” who will show up to guide you on your way, albeit after you’ve struggled with said problems for a while. Moral of the story: Don’t give up too easily!

Recommended career path: Professional careers (medicine, accounting, etc) stay the most stable and secure for Dogs in the changeable Dragon year.

Pigs, this is your year! Take advantage of the auspicious stars residing in your Career Palace this year: Powerful stars ensure that your noble people will be powerful too, which then means that many opportunities will come your way. You may also find that your efforts reap huge rewards, due in part to the Red Phoenix star: This star is a “blossom flower,” which encourages people to instinctively like and trust those who possess it. Therefore, those who deal with clients and people all day will be able to reap the benefits of this star, with the chances of sales and problem-solving sky-high for Pigs this year. Two minor inauspicious stars also show the possibility of you losing focus and being derailed, so just focus on your targets and keep moving forward. This year is a good year for you, so take full advantage of it; Hor cautions that this luck won’t extend past next year as it will be the year of the Snake. Snakes and Pigs clash, so you should probably try to score study opportunities for next year.

Recommended career path: Customer relations, customer service, sales.

The year of the Dragon brings moderately good career luck to Rats this year: If you’re an employee, you will find it relatively easy to gain recognition for work done and bosses may show more confidence in you, so make sure to grab the opportunities offered. Employers, you may sometimes find yourself in a jam, but fear not as noble people will likely come to your aid. That being said, try to stay rather low-profile as the stars also indicate the appearance of unexpected things that may lead to arguments. Those in the commission-based line may find this year a tough one as efforts do not always translate into results.

Recommended career path: Department head/manager.

Heads up, Ox people; this year, you may see your efforts to make something extra perfect resulting in total disaster, in a classic case of “trying too hard.” That said, your Career Palace plays host to a number of auspicious stars – the Prosperity Star, amongst others, indicates that your career troubles (if any) will be short-lived and that there will be plenty of noblemen and women who would help you on your way. Auspicious stars aside, those born in winter (November-January) should proceed with a bit more caution; however, those born in the summer months can give their ambitions free rein this year. This year is also a good year for exploring far afield in terms of industries; but while you’re at it, Hor cautions you to be a little wary of the ladies in your career life as the stars indicate a high possibility of being brought down by a woman.

Recommended career path: Business development.

Tigers, this is the year to blaze trails while on the job – travel-wise. However, while the stars indicate a higher chance of travelling, this year looks to be a little tough on the Tiger. You’ll probably feel that you have to exert 125% to gain 100%, says Hor. Be prepared for a hectic year with unexpected pressure, but remember to stay focused and you should get through it relatively unscathed. The chances of you meeting noble people who could give you and your career some needed boosts will be higher when you are travelling, so take the initiative to get out and about, either on company’s business or on your own.

Recommended career path: Anything that requires travelling.

This year, Rabbits will find themselves in a “harmful clash” position, due to their close relationship with Dogs. Dogs directly clash with Dragons: In the Zodiac, as with life, the friend of one’s enemy is an enemy … and unfortunately, you are a friend of the Dragon’s enemy. As the Rabbit tries to offer help to its friend the Dog, it indirectly clashes with the Dragon; the stars indicate it’s a good idea to lay low this year! However, career-wise, this year shows a high chance of promotions for the Rabbit employee, and Rabbit employers can take advantage of the star formations in their Career Palace to plant the seeds for expansion in the coming years. Hor advises you to “work towards future success; don’t expect it all to come now.”

Recommended career path: Business.