Up Your Value!

Up Your Value! is a ground-breaking book that stresses on the importance of combining good grooming and good behaviour. Written by Wendy Lee and Wendy Liew of Chapter One Brand Image Institute, who are both successful entrepreneurs and leading image consultants in Asia, Up Your Value! ensures that the Language of Clothes and the Language of Behaviour will soon be your image’s lingua franca.

The book addresses your image – how often do your wardrobe choices reflect what you think flatters your looks as opposed to what you want people to see when they look at you? After training more than 50,000 corporate individuals in the areas of impression management, Lee has noticed this key mistake when it comes to image-building – many people do not seem to know how to make a conscious image-enhancing choice.

Up Your Value! aims to fill the gap for anyone aiming to achieve their desired image through proven techniques. The book transcends all shapes, sizes, and style senses and is applicable to everyone, regardless of age, gender and profession. This book contains 7 chapters – Approachability, Professionalism, Attractiveness, Being Dramatic, Authoritativeness, Elegance and Happiness – each designed to help you “Up Your Value” via behaviour as well as looks.

This book also features quizzes designed to test what you have learnt and help you put into practice all the tips presented in the book. There will also be an Education Corner, to give readers some fun facts about things they have never thought of before.

Up Your Value! will be available in most major bookstores this month. The book can also be purchased online at www.chap-one.com and shipped to you, or you may choose to pick the book up from Chapter One BrandImage Institute.

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About the authors

Wendy Lee is the president of MABIC (Malaysian Association of Brand & Image Consultants), and director of the award-winning image consultancy firm, Chapter One Asia Sdn. Bhd. To date, Wendy has trained more than 50,000 individuals in corporations ranging from large to small. She has been invited for speaking and consulting engagements in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, China and Thailand. Her impressive list of clients includes Sunway Group, CIMB, Bank Negara, Petronas, DRB-HICOM, Shangri-La KL, Amcorp Group, and many more.

As a fashion and style critic and reputable professional speaker, Wendy was awarded the Asian Image Consultant of the Year by The Australian Image Company. Wendy has also garnered considerable media recognition for her expertise in the image field with television, radio and magazine appearances. Wendy has also been featured in The Star and other leading local newspapers. Wendy is a also a regular columnist at The Star with her column, Miss Behave, featuring Q&As of Image and Etiquette related issues in the 21st century, and answers career-related image questions on MyStarJob.com.

Wendy Liew, a Certified Image Consultant, is a professional make-up and hairstyling artist. She serves as the vice-president of brand projects at the Malaysian Association of Brand Image Consultants (MABIC).

As a make-up instructor, image consultant and personal shopper as well as a skin care and cosmetics specialist, Wendy’s long list of clients include HSBC, UOB, Air Asia, MISC Berhad, Proton Bhd, Etiqa Insurans & Takaful, Nutrimetics, Aster Spring, and the International Medical University (IMU). Wendy has also worked closely with Malaysian celebrities endorsing events, numerous fashion and hair shows, seminars, personal workshops, corporate trainings and many more. Her consummate skills had taken her far and wide. In addition to Malaysia, she had shared her expertise in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, and Dubai.