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Coaching round the clock

Elite fitness trainers are going the extra mile to keep tabs on their clients by texting motivational messages, wake-up calls, and warnings to not go for that slice of pizza. But, it doesn’t stop there.

Around-the-clock coaching is particularly burgeoning in Hollywood, where “trainers are literally rousing clients from sleep in order to work out,” celebrity trainer Lacey Stone explained.

“When you’re an actress, it’s really important that you have extreme help with your fitness and food,” said Stone.

What else will celebrity trainers do? Hollywood celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, who has worked with Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, said his goals as a trainer are “to fit the routine into their lifestyles, and that means I’ll go to the set, meet them at hotel gyms when they’re on location,” or be at the gym at 4am, he says.

“I can provide consistency in their lives, someone to count on, to trust.”

Trainers will also do grocery shopping for their high-paying clients. “I have done grocery shopping, helping my clients to buy the right food to stock their fridge for a healthier diet,” said Heidi Klum’s trainer David Kirsch.

Don’t forget fitness fashion: Trainers will offer advice on workout wardrobe, go along with their clients to shop for fitness gear, or do the shopping for them. Trainer Terri Walsh, creator of the A.R.T. Method, will even do her clients’ dirty fitness laundry.

“Clients get my immediate attention and consideration no matter what I’m in the middle of,” Walsh explains. “It’s expensive, but some people need this kind of support.” – Relaxnews

Article extracted from The Star Online (Tuesday August 21, 2012)