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Top 10 ways to reduce stress levels at work

Always ensure that you manage your time and have sufficient time for all your tasks. When facing a pressing deadline, a quick trick is for you to come to the office 30 minutes earlier, come back from lunch 15 minutes earlier, and leave for home 30 minutes later. This automatically adds 1 hour and 15 minutes to your work day!

It has been scientifi cally proven that listening to calming music has a positive effect on every aspect of your being, e.g. emotional, mental, spiritual. Classical music, especially Bach and Mozart, or any ďliteĒ radio station, can be very relaxing. Just keep the volume down or use a headset.

Sometimes, all we need is a listening ear. Seek out the help of a good friend or close loved one when you need to de-stress. Often, just getting something off your chest will help you calm down and keep things in perspective. And ultimately, the right perspectives help keep your stress levels in check!

As humans, we naturally tend to focus on the negative when things go wrong, but donít give the same acknowledgement when things actually go our way. We need to recognize that things usually go right far more often than we realize. By keeping this mind set at work, your stress levels are guaranteed to decrease.

Imagine how less stressful your work life would be if you were constantly on top of all your tasks, instead of leaving it all until the last minute. Not only would this reduce stress, but it could even create free time for you. If you recognize that you are honestly pacing yourself and working as hard as you can but canít seem to complete all your tasks, talk to your boss about lightening your load.

After long hours of staring at the computer screen or dealing with paper work, your eyes and mind could use a break with photos, artwork, or a plant. At regular intervals, remember to also stretch your eyes by focusing on a distant object. This creates some well needed visual relief.

Keep a family photo, inspirational quotes, or a reminder of your next vacation somewhere visible. Motivational thoughts perk you up and are great for revving up your spirits.

The source of many types of stress comes from a feeling of being out of control or being overwhelmed, and clutter causes distractions which add to stress. When you canít find that report you need, your stress level can sky rocket. By having an organized desk, you get a sense that there is some order in all the chaos.

Too much work should never be an excuse to not take a break! Humans were created with limits, and reaching those limits causes stress. Give yourself the time, especially when you are stressed, to relax, even for 5 minutes. Run to the bathroom, make a hot drink, go for a quick walk, then get back to more productive work.

For many of us, our work days are literally spent with long periods of sitting at a desk or being stuck in a restricted work area. This lack of movement builds up tension in your muscles and can aggravate a stressful situation. Stretching is the best way of releasing any tension that has accumulated. Lift your legs up and stretch them for 30 seconds or simply just reach for the sky.