Career Guide

Top 10 ways to get yourself motivated for work!

10 Take note of your motivation levels

We all know that we cannot be motivated to work 24 hours a day. So, take note of your motivation levels and what makes it fluctuate Ė make sure you do your hardest tasks while you are highly-motivated, and then with the worst over, you wonít feel so bad about completing the rest.

9 Awesome song playlist

It is the perfect thing to kick-start your day. It is one of the most essential things to lift the spirits. Listening to great songs on your way to work makes the journey pleasurable.

8 Self-maintenance

They say presentation is key, so dress to impress! It is important for you to feel confident wherever you go. And with that confidence, you wonít dread going to any places at all Ė even to work!

7 Reflection

Take a notepad and jot down all the things that you like about your job. This allows you to feel grateful about your workplace and at the same time inspire you to get more things done.

6 Be A Step Ahead

By planning ahead, you will be doing the things youíre going to look forward to at work. It could be the coffee breaks with your colleagues, or the day youíve mustered the courage to ask your colleague out. Whatever it is, it will definitely get you excited for that day.

5 Target one goal

Sometimes we feel that there are too many things going on at the same time. We feel that we cannot go on and slow down instead. If this is the case, target one goal at a time at work. Prioritise your tasks and goals and tackle them one at a time.

4 Up The Bum Goes

You donít have to sit around at the office the whole day. Go and explore! How much do you know about your office building, really? This little adventure will make you look forward to going to work. But remember that safety comes first! Bring a friend or two and donít go wandering alone. (This can also build and improve relationships with your colleagues).

3 Appreciation

It is always a great practice to appreciate someone, especially if he or she has helped you. A little warning though, this gratification process is highly contagious. Once you start appreciating someone, that person will do it to others and soon, your office is filled with happy, helpful and grateful people. Now isnít that a lovely place to work in?

2 Challenge yourself

Create goals that you will look forward to achieve. We, as humans, like to accomplish things and feel that sense of achievement. Be it a small or big goal, just as long as you look forward to accomplishing it. Remember, itís okay to start with baby steps!

1 Remind yourself of what your job means to you

Reminding yourself of what made you choose your career and why you are passionate about it. It will make long hours feel much shorter. After all, itís not a job if you love what you are doing!