How to secure that promotion

It’s nearing the end of the year, where performance appraisals are made and employees get an opportunity to make a case for their promotions. Asking for a promotion could rank amongst the top few most nerve-wracking things to do while at work! So here are some tips that could help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Teach yourself a new skill (or two)

Depth is important, but so is breadth, especially in the workplace. Versatility and the ability to learn new things can take you far! Learning a new skill could make you eligible to hold a new position, higher up the career ladder… After all, knowledge is power. Demonstrate to the bosses that not only are you good at what you do, you are constantly growing and improving yourself.

Think big

If you are able to take risks and think out of the box, your boldness will help you stand out. Come up with suggestions and don’t be afraid to speak to your boss about them, especially if they are good. Word of caution: Calculate the risks and make sure your ideas hold water before approaching the boss. While it’s great to be visionary, popping up every 5 minutes to say “Boss, I’ve had this great idea..!” would only make you annoying.

Don’t be afraid to relocate

If you’re willing to move cities or even countries, make sure your boss is aware of it. A willingness to relocate could bring about a promotion. This mostly applies to multi-nationals or companies with branches in multiple locations, but if your company is thinking of expanding, be sure to get it out there that you’re ready to expand along with it.

Compile your achievements

When you want to make a case for something, prepare your facts and figures. Do you want your boss to give you a promotion? Present why you think you deserve it, backed up with hard evidence that you are the one for that position! If your boss doesn’t quite see you as the person for the job, you have at least made it known that you are aiming for that role.

If your boss lays out the reasons why he or she thinks that you are unsuitable, you can then prepare your own (polite!) rebuttal as to why you think you would do well and what you can bring to the company. The ability to take rejections on the chin and stay undaunted is a valuable one, and could serve you well in the future when promotion time rolls around again.

Have a great attitude

Let’s face it, the chances of the bosses promoting a negative person who brings down the whole office’s morale is low, even if that person is good at his or her job. Don’t be that person!

People trust the people they like, and leadership quality stems from the ability of a person to assimilate seamlessly into the company’s culture and command the liking and respect of his or her colleagues.

So many people focus on the technical aspects of their job, but neglect people skills; this could be the factor that makes or breaks your bid for a promotion. Keep smiling, be helpful and be empathetic towards others.

Getting promoted is not just about how well you do your job, it’s about you as a person and a colleague. Before you knock on your boss’ door, stop and think to yourself: “Would I hire me?” If the answer is yes, go ahead and ask for the recognition you deserve!