Feng Shui 2013 - The Snake

When you’re in the same year as your zodiac sign, you are seen as “offending the Presiding God, or Yearly Grand Duke” and that can adversely affect your feng shui for the year, says feng shui master Jane Hor. This year, Snakes may find that they frequently entertain pessimistic thoughts. This is also the year of decisions for Snakes, especially those aged 12, 24 and 36, and you may feel lost at times. If you do feel lost and a little dazed by all the decisions and choices you have to make, Hor suggests heading south of your birthplace (if you’re born in the autumn and winter months) or up north (spring and summer months) for a short trip to clear your mind. For example, if you’re born in Kuala Lumpur, head to Johor if you’re born in, say, October; Penang, if you’re born in February.

Career-wise, Hor advises Snakes to keep their heads down and follow what the boss says. Try not to raise too many ideas or opinions, and keep an alert for rumours and gossip surrounding you. If you’re a business owner, tread carefully around legal matters as the stars lean towards lawsuits and legal issues, but if you keep everything clean and steer clear of any dangerous waters, you should be fine.

“When there are no celebrations there may be calamities,” says Hor, so this is a good year for Snake weddings and pregnancies. Of course, weddings and pregnancies are easier planned than executed, so if your own happy occasions cannot be scheduled for this year, make it a point to attend the happy occasions of other people. Hor also recommends going on holidays and expressing your feelings to confidants so that you feel relieved and happy.

Recommended industry: “Fire” industry – Insurance, culinary, petroleum

Colours: Red, orange, purple and green

Compatible with: Rooster, ox and monkey

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