Feng Shui 2013 - The Horse

The Horse enjoys an abundance of Peach Blossom luck this year of the Snake, which means that making new friends will be very easy, says feng shui master Jane Hor. However, the presence of the Salty Pool star brings a negative tint to the Peach Blossom: The people who come into your life may bring trouble with them. The Sun star is also in your palace this year, meaning that your noble person will be a male. You may find a helping hand in the form of a male boss, or male colleagues, or find success in a male-dominated industry. Female Horses, you will also find that help comes easily from males at the workplace, but the Salty Pool star indicates romantic disasters so steer clear of office romances if possible, advises Hor.

If you run your own business or meet new people very often as part of your job, the stars indicate good interpersonal relationships ahead. However, be on the alert as the Yearly “Sha” or Killing star indicates that there are people waiting in the wings for you to complete something before swooping in and stealing your recognition.

Recommended industry: “Wood” industry – Furniture, garments, paper, stationery

Colours: Red, orange, purple

Compatible with: Tiger, dog, goat

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