Feng Shui 2013 - The Monkey

This year, the year of the Snake brings a mixed flow of luck to the Monkey. You are compatible with the Snake, which means that your interpersonal relationships with people should be great. However, your friendship with the Snake means that this year you are also guilty of offending the Presiding God. Feng shui master Jane Hor considers this being “harmful against the Presiding God” and this has its side effects, namely the constant risk of being gossiped about.

The stars also indicate that your noble person this year will be female, which means that help and guidance will come from female colleagues or female bosses. Working in a female-dominated industry will also give your feng shui a boost, says Hor.

Those in Public Relations, or are self-employed have a good year ahead, according to the stars in the Monkey’s career palace. Hor advises you to work hard and stay away from wagging tongues and all should be well. Projects, however, run a risk of crashing halfway so proceed with caution.

Recommended industry: Anything related to women – Magazines, garments, etc

Colours: Shades of brown

Compatible with: Snake, rat, dragon

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