Feng Shui 2013 - The Rooster

The year of the Snake is a great one for the Rooster this year! Feng shui master Jane Hor explains that there are two good stars in your career palace this year: The General star and the Three Platform star. These stars indicate that it will be very easy for Roosters this year to get promotions, that Roosters will get help and opportunities from those who are senior. If you are surrounded by older people at work, then you’re in luck! Hor also suggests trying a different career path, as the chances of success are high. You are, however, advised to take caution when it comes to projects as people may come in and grab all the recognition. There are also some inauspicious stars related to gossip, but they are relatively harmless, says Hor. If you are self-employed, there are high chances that you will meet a noble person who can give you help and guidance, in this case, this noble person may be able to take your career to another dimension. Hor advises against any shortcuts though, saying that overconfidence in legal matters may lead to lawsuits.

Recommended industry: “Metal” industry – Banking, car accessories, machinery-related

Colours: Gold, white, silver

Compatible with: Snake, ox, dragon

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