Feng Shui 2013 - The Pig

Pigs clash with the Presiding God this year, so expect many changes this year, says feng shui master Jane Hor. The year of the Snake brings good changes to those born in or around winter (promotions, moving to larger companies), however those born in the spring or summer may face negative changes (demotions, moving to smaller companies.)

The Travelling Horse star means Pigs this year should travel more. If you are in a role that involves a lot of moving around and travelling, your chances of meeting a noble person who can extend help and opportunities to you will be higher. If your job doesnít involve travelling, going on trips can also heighten your chances of meeting your noble person.

Employees have a high chance of changing careers; if you are born towards the end of the year, go ahead! If you are born in summer, however, donít be so quick to switch careers, unless you are absolutely sure that the job you are looking at is very good. For those planning to expand their business overseas, this is a good year to do so!

The presence of the Sky Moon in your palace means that this year, you may face challenge and obstacles, but do not worry as you will meet people who will help you, however they will only appear after you have struggled on your own for a while.

Recommended industry: Import-Export, logistics, trading, tourism

Colours: White, gold, silver

Compatible with: Goat, rabbit, tiger

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