Feng Shui 2013 - The Rat

Rats have not one, but two very auspicious stars this year, says feng shui master Jane Hor. The Emperor and Dragon Grace stars sitting in your career palace present a formidable combination: The year of the Snake will be the year of opportunities for Rats. This is the year for expansion, says Hor, adding that Rats should go full steam ahead and not let this good feng shui go to waste. You will shine this year, with promotions on the cards. Next year is a different story, so Hor recommends grabbing all the opportunities presented this year, as next year may hold lean times ahead.

While things are going well, try not to be overconfident and step on too many toes, as every year brings different types of luck. Hor suggests spending half of this year reaping all the good feng shui your auspicious stars bring, and spending the second half of the year preparing for the year ahead.

There are some inauspicious stars related to gossip, however their effects are light and unable to dent the Emperor and Dragon Grace combo.

Recommended industry: “Water” industry – Import/export, beverages, tourism

Colours: Blue, black, grey

Compatible with: Monkey, dragon, ox

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