Feng Shui 2013 - The Ox

If you’ve been feeling a little moody, Ox, then you can blame it on the stars. Feng shui master Jane Hor explains that those working in the creative industry, like composing, advertising or writing will find a great influx of fantastic ideas this year of the Snake, however the side effects include feeling lonely and moodiness. To overcome this, Hor suggests learning new things, keeping busy, and staying away from tear-jerking Korean dramas.

Those who meet people as part of their job will see improvements in their careers, however for the most part, this is not a breakthrough year for the Ox, career-wise. The Snake brings some inauspicious stars to your career palace, like the White Tiger and Flying Purity stars: The White Tiger star can bring sudden events and bad decisions that derail projects. The Flying Purity star indicates wasted effort, so your work may not bring any compensation or rewards. Your career palace also hosts gossip and rumour stars so do your best to stay out of the way of wagging tongues and the rumour mill. There will be those who try to ruin your reputation by picking on minor flaws, says Hor, adding that this is not a good year for you to be a guarantor or help negotiate in other people’s affairs.

Recommended industry: Creative or “wood” industry – furniture, books, garments

Colours: Shades of green

Compatible with: Snake, rooster, rat

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