Feng Shui 2013 - The Rabbit

While there is a distinct lack of auspicious stars in the Rabbit’s palace, the year of the Snake doesn’t necessarily bring bad luck to you, says feng shui master Jane Hor. The Rabbit, along with the Rat, Horse, and Rooster are Peach Blossom zodiac signs, and will always find people at hand to help in their times of need.Usually, the Rabbit is the “star” among the colleagues, but this year you may find that you have to hold back a bit. You may find that your workload this year is heavier than usual, and this may cause you to make mistakes. Hor suggests taking short breaks now and then to relax and refresh yourself.

If you are self-employed be careful about the documents you sign as the stars indicate a propensity towards lawsuits and a high chance of losing money. Losing money seems to be a theme this year, as your love for luxury items may burn a hole in your pocket this year. Be on the lookout for people who try and steal the recognition for work you’ve done.

Recommended industry: “Water” industry – import/export, beverages, tourism

Colours: Blue, black, grey

Compatible with: Dog, pig, goat

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