Career Guide

Top 10 reasons why talents QUIT

10 | Missing Leader

In the absence of a visionary leader, the company will be in a mess. The employees will be akin to headless chickens running around purposeless. Top talents will sense the lack of direction and leave as their contribution cannot be maximised to its greatest potential.

9 | No fiery passion

As human beings, passion motivates and drives us. Companies that fail to align their employees’ passions with corporate pursuits will find their employees demotivated and they will eventually leave. When employees are passionate about what they do, they will surpass expectations and work hard to fulfil their roles.

8 | Lack of Creativity

Restricting creative minds will drive away great talents who are always looking for innovative ideas. They are wired to improve and put their two cents worth in any designs that they could get their hands on. Smart leaders will take note and allow these talents to let their creative juices flow and solve problems using out-of-the-box methods.

7 | Not Intellectually Stimulating

Great talents constantly need problems to solve and challenges to tackle. They tend to get bored easily and need to be kept on their toes. Good leaders know how to leverage on this to ensure these talents are constantly given the opportunity to expand their intellectual horizons.

6 | Their Words Fall Onto Deaf Ears

Top talents have brilliant insights and ideas and are ready to be heard by the world. Be ready to listen or they will find someone else who will! It is always crucial to recognise their input regardless of whether it will be implemented or not. By taking their views seriously, they will be reassured that their contribution in the company is meaningful.

5 | Where is The Love

Studies show that the salary is not the most important thing. Surely highly sought after talents know how much they are worth. However, as social beings, all humans crave for love and affection. Without a caring working environment with warm camaraderie, these talents will eventually make the exit from your company regardless of their sky-high salaries.

4 | Just Say ‘Thank You’

The most important and powerful word is often overlooked for top talents. Their need to feel appreciated should not be undermined. Reflect your gratitude for the outstanding job that they have done by simply saying “Thank You”.

3 | Boring Routine

As mentioned earlier, great talents need the allowance to be creative and be presented with new challenges everyday. If their job responsibilities remain the same over a period of time, it will get mundane. They will seek greater adventures in another organisation.

2 | Failure to Keep Your Word

Going against your word will result in a loss of trust from employees. Honour your word so that these top talents have faith in your leadership and are willing to be a part of it. They need a leader whom they can look up to and respect.

1 | No Room for Skill Development

The good will want to become better and the better become best. There should always be room for growth and improvement for great talents as they always want to improve themselves. A leader should never hinder a person’s ability to improve or they will leave you for an employer who understands their need to raise the bar for themselves.