Career Guide

Top 10 ways to prepare yourself for a great day at work

10. Breakfast

As the saying goes, “eat breakfast like a king”. Having a healthy breakfast helps to jump start your day as it prepares your body and mind for a busy day at work. Having a nice meal for breakfast can brighten up your day. This is because things that you do and eat first thing in the morning can affect your mood.

9. Praise yourself

Look in the mirror before you go to work every once in a while. Don’t be shy to praise yourself by telling yourself how good looking you are today or telling yourself that your hair looks wonderful. However, do not over exaggerate and be too proud of yourself, because people do not like individuals who are narcissistic!

8. Encouraging quotes

Having quotes pasted up on the wall in your workplace can encourage you to have a better day at work. Quotes like, “Very little is needed to make a happy life; it’s all within yourself, in your own way of thinking,” “All is well” or “Life knocks us down but we can choose whether or not to get back up” can really make a difference.

7. Time management

When things are not organised, you will tend to get stressed with loads of work. Plan and set a time limit to complete what you need to do at work.

6. Planning

Always plan ahead. Prepare your own list one day before the actual day, and list down all the things that you have to complete within the day. This is to prevent you from forgetting any important tasks that you need to do.

5. Exercise

Wake up 30 minutes earlier and do a short exercise before getting ready to go to work. Exercising helps our mind and body get ready for a long day at work as our muscles will start warming up and we are able to release the tension from within us.

4. Sleep

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.” Always make sure you have enough sleep of at least seven to eight hours a day, to help you stay fresh and awake for longer. Not having enough sleep can affect your mood and brain. Thus, we may not function well when we are at work.

3. Think positive

Tell yourself that today is going to be a great day and don’t let anything stop you. Whenever something that you dislike occurs, always try to look at the bright side. For example, “things may get worse if it’s not for this” or “there is always a reason for everything.” You can also give an excuse to yourself - for example, if on the way to work, someone tries to cut into your lane, instead of getting mad, just tell yourself “maybe he is in a rush because his wife is in labour” or “maybe she needs to go to the toilet.”

2. clothing

Classy and formal clothes will help to boost the confidence in you. When you look nice and neat, you tend to feel good about yourself and become confident in whatever you are doing, including talking to other people.

1. Laughter

Make it a point to share (appropriate) jokes with your colleagues or watch a funny video clip every once in a while, as laughter helps us to ease tension. By having a cheerful environment in the workplace, it enables you to have a great day at work.