Career Guide

Top 10 ways to make the best out of mundane tasks

Look at the bigger picture

Very often, if we understand the purpose of our tasks collectively, they seem more important. For example, entering invoice numbers is mundane but once you understand the purpose of it in preparing the company accounts, it will be more meaningful to you.

Understand the system

Filing papers is very boring but learning the system and knowing how you contribute can help you learn more about the company. By having the initiative to find out what goes on behind the scenes, you will learn quickly about the company’s processes.

Take it easy

Do something challenging first that is brain-wrecking. Then do a mundane task that requires minimal thinking; it can serve as a breather which you will be very grateful to have. The key is planning how to schedule your tasks so that the mundane activities serve as a break from hardcore work.

One at a time

Avoid piling up mundane tasks until they require a substantial amount of time to get them done. Procrastination will not get the work done any faster. Completing mundane tasks as they come will make them more manageable.

Preparation for the extraordinary

Realise that mundane tests of everyday life prepare us to face extraordinary challenges. Truly amazing people make the best out of ordinary situations. After all, practice makes perfect. Once you have perfected what you are doing, you can move on to the next level.

Be the best that you can be

You do not have to wait for a big break to show the world your capabilities. If you have to make a phone call, send out emails or type out minutes of the meeting, do your best! Your managers will definitely notice your outstanding performance which reflects your enthusiasm and capability.

Look Out For Opportunities

Opportunity does not come knocking on the door for some easily; it is hidden in many unassuming tasks. For example, the person whom you need to call might just turn out to help you secure your next big contract.

It is all about perspective

What is mundane, really? When we categorise activities in our mind and label them as boring, it turns us off. However, if we look at it as an opportunity to better ourselves or help others, we realise their importance. For example, helping out to clean the office cupboard may be an opportunity to help our colleagues or get to know our colleagues better.

Make it fun

Most mundane tasks require little concentration so do it while listening to music or chatting with a friend. Perhaps you could even challenge yourself to finish it within a certain time frame and reward yourself later.

Use it to improve yourself

Successful people never see any task or decision as trivial. They realise every decision is a chance to develop one’s character and personality. Ask yourself who you want to be and then determine how you will do this “mundane” task. After all, a great character never surfaces overnight, it is developed day by day.