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A Day In The Life competition

(In no particular order)

A Day in The Life of a Wedding Photographer

Muhammad Faiz bin Samsudin is founder of Syarikat Fotografi Photogenic. He is a wedding photographer, who has hopes that this company will branch out and be acknowledged as a great photography house. Producers: Muhammad AmirulHanan, Ahmad Nazim, HanisSyakila

A Day in The Life of a Hair Dresser

Alice Boon opened her very own hair studio, The Hair Factory in June 2010. This hairdresser finds joy in making people beautiful.

Producers: Tan Zen Kin, Tan Jui Chi, Chui Li, VeeyanVeenaik. Joel Andrew

A Day in The Life of a Coffee Professor

Best friend of the espresso machine, Micheal D’Alessandro takes us with him on his day-to-day journey as a coffee professor, teaching business owners and restaurant owners to make good coffee. Producers: Ibtisern Ben Nassib, Mustafa Izzy

A Day in The Life of a Pet Groomer

Pet groomer Christine Yap dedicates her daily life to looking after her little fury friends in her Pet Hotel and helping pet lovers out there find their perfect fury companions.

Producers: PhanVip Loon, Ong Poh Lim

A Day in The Life of a Construction Manager

“There are no small jobs, only small people.”Choong Kun Loong shares his journey through the risks, dangers and joy of being a construction manager.

Producers: Fong KhengWai, Phua Cardin, Wong VoonFei

A Day in the Life of a Rickshaw Puller

Shot in the historical city of Melaka, this video follows the daily life of the humble rickshaw pullers, Sulaiman and Haji Hamzah as they talk about their experience, challenges, and future prospects.

Producers: Radzi Amin Bin Ramleh, Muhammad Faiq Bin MohdRamli, Muhammad Ali Zulfaqqar Bin Shafie

A Day in The Life of a Plantation Manager

Eddy is plantation manager of an oil palm estate in Pahang. He begins his day as early as 6.30 in the morning, and spends his day overseeing the operations in the estate and guiding the workers on the daily tasks.

Producers: Daniel Chan and Clement Chiang, ZH Chan, Ivan Chan.

A Day in The Life of a Jewellery Designer

Operating from a small shop on Jonker Street, Melaka, jewellerydesigner Joe Ng has had the opportunity to travel to Japan and share his artwork.

Producers: Syahiran Bin Sukardi

A Day in The Life of A Bus Driver

Anuar ‘Along’ Mohamed Ali has been a bus driver for the past 27 years. He talks about the different kind of people he meets on his daily routes around Kuala Lumpur.

Producers: Nadia Rahmat, Syaza Hasbullah, Syukri Shairi

A Day in The Life of an Organic Farmer

Norizan Osman shows us that you don’t need to have a certificate or a degree in agriculture to be able to manage an organic farm. She and her husband learned everything they know now about farming and marketing from their 23 years of hard work and experience.

Producers: Haszly Bin MohdSharuddin, Nur Nadhirah Binti Hamdan, Nurul Shuhada binti Md Habi Bu-llah