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Fun facts about See Hoy Chan

See Hoy Chan has offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

This year, See Hoy Chan celebrates its 75th Anniversary.

See Hoy Chanís ongoing property development projects have a Gross Development Value in excess of RM2.8bil.

The company sponsors the membership fees for its employees to become members of the Phoenix Toastmasters Club, a community club that See Hoy Chan also sponsors the venue for.

Every year, the company raises funds for various NGOs and causes. This yearís charity event on July 20 is called Chuckle for Charity, headlined by the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians. Proceeds will go to Rumah Hope, Shelter and United Voice.

For the last 10 years, See Hoy Chan has been organising annual blood donation drives at their offices. In April this year, more than 120 employees and members of the public donated blood.

All employees are members of the Uptown Sports and Recreation Club, which runs interdepartment competitions in sports like futsal, badminton, table tennis, go-kart, bowling and laser tag. The Club also organises Family Days and Annual Dinners for its employees.

This company is guided by its six core values, which are:

l Integrity We believe in and do what is morally right. Integrity in ALL.

l Respect

We respect and lead by setting good examples, competency, strength and wisdom to make bold decisions in times of need that benefit the Group. Respect ALL.

l Customer Focus

Our valued customers and working partners are the reasons for our existence. Delight ALL.

l Openness

Encourage all to share ideas and suggestions that will improve the overall performance of the Group. No ideas are bad ideas. Hear ALL.

l Safety

Inculcate a safety culture and apply it at all times. Safety for ALL.

l We are One

The Group is ONE with no distinction except geographical locations. We share ONE Vision, ONE Mission and SAME set of Values. ONE and ALL.

High potential employees are recognised and given special development programmes to groom them to be future leaders of See Hoy Chan.

Mission Directed Work Teams (MDWT) is one of See Hoy Chanís employee engagement initiatives to give a platform for the voices and ideas of employees to be heard by leaders.