Career Guide

Top 10 wacky ideas for the workplace!

1.       Build creative ways of getting around the office

There are many alternatives to walking and using the stairs and lifts. Think of creative ways to travel from one floor to another, like a long slide or even a fireman’s pole to go one floor down. It would be a fun way to travel, and inject some fun into the workplace.

2.       Make the pantry look like a shop

Inject some luxury into the office by building a pantry stocked like a retail store. Fill the fridge with energy drinks and ice-creams, and provide drink machines, snacks and even light meals like sandwiches. Throw in some tables and chairs, and maybe add some light background music for those who would like to have lunch in the office with their mates.

3.       Game room

Build a game room where employees can go to take a break and unwind. The game room can provide a variety options for employees, from board games to video games, and if your office has the space for it, even a small basketball or football court. Your imagination is the limit. This would also encourage bonding among employees outside of the normal work context.

4.       Have fun with office layout

Offices don’t have to consist of traditional cubicles. Inject personality into the design of your workspace. The office layout can even reflect the nature of your business. For example, if you are an IT company, you could design your office to look like an inside of a computer.

5.       Create a “zen” room

Sometimes, employees just need some time out, or a quiet space to focus on their work. Give them a room where they can work in a calm environment. Decorate this “zen” room with calm colours like blue, peach or light green. Fill the room with couches and pillows for comfort and coziness.

6.       Life-sized board games

Decorate certain sections of your office floors to look like board games. Workers can play life sized board games with people as the pieces. Interesting game suggestions will be snakes and ladders, tick-tack-toe, or even chess. This encourages engagement, and may help employees recharge or generate new ideas.

7.       Playground area

There is a child in each of us, regardless of age. Having a playground area in the office is a great way for employees to bring out the child in them again. Your playground area can also be used for brainstorming and meeting sessions.

8.       Create a maze

Place a maze in the office that employees can go through in order to get to the other side of the office. This could be a shortcut to the normal route. The maze would sharpen the brain’s functionality so that it stays alert. The office maze should be slightly different each day so that the employees would not be slacking while trying to find a way out. The walls should be moveable to make it easier change the route.

9.       Colours, colours, and more colours!

The use of colours helps brighten up the office environment. Decorate your office walls, tables and chairs with bright colours to create a vibrant atmosphere. Avoid colours which are too striking such as hot pink or neon shades, as they can be distracting.

10.       Vision board

Put up a big vision board on the office wall. On the board, put up a picture collage of the best memories or achievements of the company. You can also include a section for random shout outs from the employers and employees to motivate others. Include also a section for the company’s vision and goals.