Career Guide

Did you know: Oil and Gas

Entry Point Projects (EPPs) in the Oil, Gas and Energy sector are expected to contribute RM141.1bil to the Gross National Income (GNI) of Malaysia in 2020.

In Malaysia, talent is especially needed in high value and high growth areas such as Oil, Gas and Energy, Business Services, and Healthcare.

The goal of the Economic Transformation Programme is to create 497,200 jobs in the Tourism sector, and 74,000 in the Agriculture sector by 2020 .

In the ICT sector, skills that are sought after include creative multimedia, human resource management, software development, enterprise resource planning, and business intelligence and analytics.

The Returning Expert Programme (REP) facilitates the return of Malaysian professionals from overseas to help overcome the shortage of expertise in the country and to create a world class workforce in Malaysia, especially in the context of the Economic Transformation Programme.

National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) represent economic areas that will drive the highest possible income for Malaysia for the next 10 years.