Four ideas to generate some needed side income

‘Up, up and away!’ seems to be the theme when it comes to describing the cost of living these days.

Adding to this dilemma is the fact that no matter how tightly urbanites clinch their belts and scrutinise spending habits, it still leaves many feeling financially stretched by the end of the month.

Thankfully, there are now numerous ways everyone can earn some extra cash outside of working hours. These side jobs and opportunities offer many a chance to bolster a monthly salary with a nice side income.

So, whether you are trying to save for a Masters program, a much-needed holiday, a home sweet home or simply to help pay those bills, one of these options will surely provide sweet relief.

1) Creative freelancer

Professionals from numerous backgrounds are able to offer their services at a specified rate to individuals and companies that are looking for qualified talent they do not necessarily want to take on full-time.

What’s even better is these projects are found in dozens of categories, such as web development, translation, writing, data entry and game development – there really is something for everyone!

There are dozens of such websites offering this service.

These websites are great for those of us who prefer to work independently and relish setting our own work schedules whether it is at three in the afternoon or three in the morning. Additionally, this type of work allows for choosing how many projects to commit to at a time.

2) Part-time tutor

If you have a genuine passion for cultivating knowledge and thrive on helping others develop academically to reach their best potential, the role as a part-time tutor is probably right for you.

Various private teaching centres in the Klang Valley are constantly on the look-out for high-quality tutors in English and Mathematics.

Tutors typically have to follow a pre-determined syllabus, especially if the class is meant to prepare students for standardised exams such as the SAT College Admission Exam. Hence, no need to worry if you are not confident on drawing up a full-fledged lesson plan.

Moreover, many of the classes at these centres are conducted in small and intimate settings that consist of a handful of students which makes it an especially great role that even introverts don’t have to shy away from.

Another fantastic incentive to taking on these roles is the pay – many of these centres offer competitive hourly rates of up to RM100 per hour.

3) Entrepreneur

All of us have a special talent for something, whether it is translated onto a heartfelt photograph, a delectable cheesecake, or a well-organised themed soiree.

Hence, another great and fun way to earn an extra income is by turning those skills set and hobbies into a money-making venture.

The first crowd to market your skills to, will no doubt, be to your family and friends, which can be easily accomplished with a Facebook profile and Instagram account. Further elevate your business by seeking out vendor booths at weekend flea markets and bazaars, which are ubiquitous in Klang Valley neighbourhoods.

While you might take a slightly longer time than a conventional job in realising profits with this method, it certainly provides a great sense of accomplishment to know you are your own boss.

4) Surveys

Probably the easiest option to score extra cash is by taking surveys on websites, such as Opini, Palm Research and MySurvey.

These organisations are panel survey sites that partner with companies and associations to seek out opinions of the masses.

All one has to have is a reliable internet connection and computer, and you’ll be well on your way to earning extra money transferred to you via PayPal. Some survey websites also offer a mobile application that certainly gives you the freedom to make money from anywhere.

The one downside to this option is that most of the time, you will need to invest longer periods of time to earn the same amount that a part-time tutor will receive in an hour. You will also be able to “cash out” your earnings only after reaching a particular minimum amount.

Nonetheless, for so many of us, survey taking is still a great way of earning a much-appreciated income.

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Based in the United States, freelance writer Joanne Nayagam is embarking on a journey of proportions with pen and paper in hand and ideas to boot. To get in touch with her, drop an email to editor@mystarjob.com.


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