Contest winners get a professional makeover

Grooming is an essential part of establishing your personal and professional brand. That’s just what the six winners of the Step Out in Style contest learned through their professional makeover session.

Sponsored by the Malaysian Association of Brand and Image Consultants (MABIC) in collaboration with, participants were put through a hands-on session of the dos and don’ts of personal styling in the professional world.

The session was conducted by Wendy Lee, professional image consultant and president of MABIC, and was later on joined by Yap Li Wei, professional make-up consultant with the association.

Participants sorting colour cards into their respective categories. Participants sorting colour cards into their respective categories.

To kick off the makeover session, the six contest winners were enlightened on the different categorisation of colours, and the methods of pairing these colours up to complement each other.

“Our young Malaysian professionals are generally better groomed than our older generation. However, there is still a difference if you were to compare local graduates and those that went abroad studying.

“As an individual, every participant is different – different background, different needs, different shapes and sizes. Our aim for this workshop was to zoom in to each individual to address at least one simple need,” says Lee.

After the short colour-matching course, the participants proceeded to the exciting main agenda, the professional makeover itself.

The ladies had their tresses teased and styled into a fresh new look, and their outfits paired and accessorised appropriately, while the men got a personalised fitting session where they were taught how to pair their shirts and suits stylishly, with tips on how to find the right fitted suit for their body type.

While the six participants were in the midst of their makeover, managed to grab a word or two with them regarding their style-changing experience.

“First impressions are really important, which is why I joined this contest,” says Chin Je Mein, who works with a training provider company.

“This workshop is beneficial as it helps me know what colours to match, and how to present myself to people and dress appropriately.”

Another participant, Choo Si Wen, who is in a marketing role, saw the need for such a workshop, being constantly in a front-liner role.

“During this short time, I think each and every one of us managed to pick up a few tips, customised based on our own needs and profession. That’s really the great part about this workshop,” she said. If you want to get to know what a typical makeover session with MABIC looks like, have a look at the video below.

Want an opportunity to participate in a professional makeover session? Stay tuned to for future contest announcements!